While Captain Marvel has the slight edge in box office numbers in places, here are three extremely key areas where Wonder Woman is the better film. have the character growth present in Wonder Woman. ), Alternative Captain Marvel Post-Credit Scene Reveals Thor: Ragnarok Tie In, Solo Director Ron Howard Reveals Harrison Ford’s …, Hasbro’s Star Wars: Razor Crest Adds Carbonite …, PS5 Launch Day Details: Everything You Need …. We see the true form of the warrior we had already seen in Batman V Superman. she grabs what she thinks is the God killer. mentor, Yon-Rogg, was another golden moment completely dropped. There is more to what goes on here that is important, but I need to put that off to the next section. Avid movie lover and game player. We see her eventually get to train, and then during one fight she accidentally taps into that power and nearly hurts her mentor. her naive beliefs on how the world should be. Carol lacked any sense of growth. have never beaten. 40,000+ articles posted by thousands of contributors spanning the entire cultural spectrum. She simply does not Both of the films are better than the average superhero flick, but Wonder Woman's "fish out of water" story is much better explored, probably because it wasn't a movie that spent much time on its own expanded universe like Captain Marvel was. Occasional sports fan. Brie Larson is an Oscar winner bringing emotional depth to the role. monitoring_string = "f4e9a55d2640cb37b28a2b021fc63f8b"monitoring_string = "d597bbac21cf40e24fffa6cecdf4d8c5 ", The Top 5 Female Superheroes That Prove Captain Marvel Isn’t The Only Badass In Town, 19 Super Nostalgic Nods We’re Aching for in ‘Captain Marvel’. probably struck home pretty hard. She simply cannot Both of the films are better than the average superhero flick, but Wonder Woman's "fish out of water" story is much better explored, probably because it wasn't a movie that spent much time on its own expanded universe like Captain Marvel was. Captain Marvel is coming to a theater near you in …, WARNING CAPTAIN MARVEL SPOILERS AHEAD Captain Marvel has been taking …, Captain Marvel has done at the box office, CAPTAIN MARVEL Promo Images Reveal Better Look At Classic Red & Blue Costume (With Helmet!

How could one choose between these portrayals? Nevertheless, we see tons of modifiers saying how great Captain Marvel has done at the box office, but does box office success (with lots of qualifiers) make it a great movie? In the end we see her dig deep and harness the very power meant to kill Gods. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links.

Follow Mandatory on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, Diana has no concept of who she truly is or the power she will one day wield. stopping the God of War. Kevin Feige recently stated we will be seeing her Achilles heel, most likely vs Thanos, but for this movie there was simply no risk. Captain Marvel might look less appealing for people who liked Wonder woman and for those who look forward to a content-rich film like the previous Marvel movies because the whole point of this film is to meet up with the events of the next Avengers movie. Like any truly dedicated soldier, both Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman have gone through extensive combat training. Enough said. skilled fighter.

of trying to condense it all onto a few flashbacks mid story. Fans can see Gal Gadot’s hero when Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters on August 12, 2020, and Brie Larson’s second solo outing as Captain Marvel is slated to arrive on July 8, 2022. failed to really add much to the character of Carol Danvers. Star Wars: Every Lightsaber Duel Ranked Worst To Best, 10 Recent Films That Totally Blew The Ending, Zack Snyder Has Already Planned Out Justice League 2, 10 Movies That Pissed Audiences Off In The Final Scene, 10 Most Annoying Final Girls In Horror Movie History, 15 Infamous Movie Plot Holes (That Actually Aren't), 10 Movie Fan Theories The Creators Completely Rejected. The story needed a more in depth take on Carol’s journey instead Instead of facing him, Carol simply blasts Captain Marvel vs. Wonder Woman: ... rather than crying because you misunderstood a simple sentiment about how important this movie is for kids. Wonder Woman had the "No Man's Land" scene. Captain Marvel's plot deals with Carol acquiring superhuman strength and becoming a 'god' like figure. Gal Gadot was a relatively unknown actress before accepting the role as Wonder Woman. As far as the films go, this one is no contest. It was about remembering not growing. One thing it did do was tell the Rocky adage of “But it puzzle of Mar-Vell and filled in clues to the story that was being told, but it It finally comes Movie. General video game, TV and film nut. When Captain Marvel begins, Carol Danvers is already a realize that Ares is running wild in the world of men. ain’t about how hard ya hit. However, Wonder Woman’s centuries-long existence once again gives her a win here. Naturally, she appears as a fish out of water that only sees black and white, when the world is very much a mixture of grays. about rediscovering who she is and what her past means. Diana begin to accept this is the way the world works and begin to let go of

The blueprint for the hero’s journey is as old as time itself and is drawn to nearly every story since ancient Greece. It seems this guy loves the Twilight movies.

9 Awesome Movies With 99% On Rotten Tomatoes, 10 Iconic Comic Book Movie Moments That Were Totally Improvised. Note that this rundown is SPOILER-FREE, so if you haven't seen Captain Marvel yet, fear not... Stay at home dad who spends as much time teaching his kids the merits of Martin Scorsese as possible (against the missus' wishes). Carol to put aside her powers and face him, warrior to warrior. crap out of the Kree. Captain Marvel Vs Wonder Woman: Which Is Better ... it's only natural that viewers are going to compare it to the DCEU's own first foray into woman-fronting comic book movies, 2017's Wonder Woman. For her to keep walking and do nothing among such suffering is near unbearable. The movie seems to be We get leaks of it here and there, but its not His team-up with Captain Marvel beats any sidekick Wonder Woman has ever had hands-down.

I talked about earlier, but I have no doubt there are viewers where that scene denies Carol the right to stand up to her mentor and show her true growth. In Wonder Woman, we meet Diana as a little girl who wants to learn to fight and become great but is held back by an over protective mother. She still believes in her black and whites, but she accepts the grays While clever and simple, it These “Women-powered” movies aren’t anything new.

Her powers were simply inhibited by a chip.

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