Try not to overthink it!

It’s an excellent reminder of how completely badass you are — and it makes it easy to review your home menu of deliciousness. It’s probably best to not make any decisions at all at 11pm, but especially not ones that involve a regimented eating system of preparation and meal planning. I’ve included instructions for a Mini Cookup with step-by-step instructions for cooking six paleo kitchen staples in under an hour. Good for you! Lunch: tuna salad with homemade mayo, a piece of fruit, a bunch of raw veggies, Dinner: Chocolate Chili, roasted sweet potato, tossed salad or green veggie (or both) on the side. Just wanted to say thanks so much for the blog and your cookbooks. When we travel, I eat everything (so i can try local cuisine), but I try not to go crazy, and I only eat something if it AWESOME. You are so appreciated!! The holiday treats are hanging on every inch of my pale white behind so it’s time to get ready for Whole 30. Jen, you’re so welcome! Have a wonderful month and happy new year to you! Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed - Ingredients for a Happy Life, This post has tons of meal ideas that don’t require a recipe, how-to video for cutting spaghetti squash, Whole30 2014: Week 1 Food Plan | Paleo Digest, Adding to the Arsenal | Melinda In Dayton, The New Stupid Easy Paleo Whole30® Stupid Easy Paleo - Easy Paleo Recipes,, Starting the New Year Off Right | Carla's Blog. Lay out 3 mason jars. This post has tons of meal ideas that don’t require a recipe.). I’m just saying you’ll probably have more fun if you stop thinking of foods as appropriate for a particular meal. I am in my 2nd week of the Whole30, and I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your meal plans. Thanks for putting SO much information together in your blog post! 0000676776 00000 n That recipe, however, is just fine for when your Whole30 is complete, and you want a sweet treat.) Download the Week 1 Shopping List. I am trying to get him on board with this too. Congratulations! Remove from skillet and let rest 10 minutes, then slice. It doesn’t go ‘bad,’ but it just starts to lose its freshness after a while. Thank you so much for these posts! Did you just double everything when making it for two? 0000695676 00000 n Carol, If you follow the shopping list and instructions, this is what you’ll have at the end of your cooking session: 30 Minute Creamy Lemon Caper Salmon Skillet, Spanish Chorizo and Leek Stuffed Pea Pods, Pan-Fried Filet Mignon with Butter, Thyme and Blue Cheese. As for the arrowroot/tapioca, it’s really the only flour substitute that will give you the same thickening power in soups or crunch on your “fried” foods like wings. It’s not really a meal plan—it’s more like ideas for dishes you might like to cook. Screw on the lid and keep in the fridge. It can be mixed-and-matched with vegetables to make dinner on the fly. Goodness! What can I sub spaghetti squash for? I am on Day 2 and just finished all my prep..phew!!! Yay! Wow this is brilliant!I usually do some sort of cookup but always overstretch myself so this is going to be a great way to ease into week one,which starts on 8 Jan for me! Today is, “so what’s the big deal?” day according to the timeline. Serve with a side salad, (I like Tessamae’s compliant salad dressings, or you could make your own!). Are you drooling yet? Welcome to the “Kill All The Things” phase. 0000696970 00000 n I’m really that the food plan is making your Whole30 a little bit easier and tastier. Generally speaking, soups and stews freeze/defrost really well, while “plain” cooked meats and veggies usually do not. My boyfriend bought me well fed and we’ll fed 2 for chanukah and I’m so excited!!! Jicama. Used light olive oil. 0000695504 00000 n

You can do it! Great Ingredients: No Recipe Required: a roundup of delicious meals you can make pretty quickly and without following a recipe. For my husband (6’5″) and me (5’4″), we spend between $600-800/month on groceries. Place the chicken thighs on a large baking sheet, sprinkle generously with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. ), but it tastes AWFUL!

That recipe was officially approved by Melissa Hartwig for my cookbook Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat. We’re set for the next week. in an attempt to healthily lose weight after my second pregnancy. …. I love that it provides a framework without being a strict meal plan. 0000650799 00000 n 0000699645 00000 n So, you probably won’t have a pancake-driven rage, but you very well might feel that overwhelm at just what you can and should make, how to structure it, how to shop. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you so much for buying Well Fed 2 and stopping by to say hi! Melissa and Dallas of Whole9/Whole30 reviewed all the recipes and felt like the Banana Pecan Ice Cream and the Sweet Potato “Waffle” — while made of approved ingredients — violate the spirit of the Whole30 and could interfere with the psychological part of the program.

My cookbook Well Fed is packed with recipes to make you want to smash in your face with joy and all but one of the recipes are Whole30 approved for use during your Whole30. I’m really glad my super-bossy instructions are helpful . Anyway to get the starter kit?

Crockpot is a brand of slow cooker… and I actually use a Crockpot. Most forms of vinegar, including white, balsamic, apple cider, red wine, and rice, are allowed during your Whole30 program. Oh and I ordered both your cookbooks for my birthday! For a treat at night, try some flavored sparkling water like La Croix! Substitutions: Just drizzle some olive oil instead of cooking spray. We’re going to celebrate with a steak dinner, so cheer up buttercup. Thank you so much for posting this, I’ve made about half of it so far and my fridge is already full! So glad you like the Well Fed cookbooks! You’re welcome.

Let cook without stirring about 2 minutes, or until beginning to turn opaque, then begin stirring to cook both sides. a little less intimidating and I’m looking forward to the week because of this!

This is SOOOOOOO helpful. The recommendations included here are the way I cook for my husband (6′ 5″) and myself (5′ 4″) to keep us going through work days, strength training, walks, and yoga. I’d just like something to go right for once considering how much time (I know my kids are missing me as at times I feel I live in a grocery store or kitchen! Sorry about that! Everything else is better fresh. I have been doing a Whole90 and my husband, business partner and 2 close friends are all starting their own Whole30. Dinner: Lemon Chicken Piccata with mashed potatoes and asparagus. I’m so glad this was helpful – and congratulations on tackling the Whole30. I’m about to start my first Whole 30, so I appreciate the timely inspiration. It actually went fine and for the three weeks leading up to our trip to Hawaii I was able to mostly stick to it with a few cheat bites here and some non-compliant condiments there. 0000701040 00000 n I have successfully completed 17 rounds and it truly gets easier with each round. Good luck girl! Woo! It includes main dish recipes, a condiment to add zing to basic ingredients, a special snack, recommendations for complimentary side dishes, and advice for how to work the recipe into a Weekly Cookup. Hope you have a great month. Thank you so much for this. 0000241653 00000 n I just don’t know where to start, but I feel like its too risky/expensive to try 10 more times to get it right! Olive Oil Mayo 0000650536 00000 n

It also makes me scared to try other recipes like these out of fear they will taste awful and be a waste of time and money – hence the 20 days in between my first mayo attempt and my second! I am on day 17 of the #JanuaryWhole30Challenge and have found your site uber helpful. Do you just pack all this stuff up and eat throughout the week? When the broccoli is tender, remove it to a storage container, add another 1/2 cup water to the pan, and cook the green beans. 0000681824 00000 n THank you for keeping this series posted and not taking it down! If you make roasted chicken thighs and roasted spaghetti squash and Sunshine Sauce and stock up on snap peas, you have everything you need for Pad Thai. You’ll find compliant breakfasts, lunches, dinners, mini-meals, and a few emergency snacks for those inevitable busy days. . I’m so happy it was helpful to you! 0000702288 00000 n Yes, I think the site changed their name. So delicious, I think I ate a whole pound while I was transferring it to a container for the fridge! Is the shopping list you put up here too much food for one person? I was wondering about substituting grape seed oil for olive oil for the mayo recipe/ or in general.

Who has time to cook three meals a day? Wow, this is incredible, I’m going to start my first whole 30 Monday and I’m so thankful I found your blog! Hey Mel.. I’m out of town by myself and reaaaaally feeling the need for this!

1. The good news is that for mayo, you want inexpensive, LIGHT TASTING olive oil, not extra virgin. My boyfriend and I finished our Whole30 about 2 weeks ago. /O 5 Ah, Saturday. Optional Snacks: Sip some kombucha, eat apple with almond butter, have a Larabar, or make a Detox Green Smoothie with Chia Seeds. 0000701323 00000 n

Now, every time I eat a piece of bread I feel like I need a nap. This is a really great explanation:, Basically: Get the Italian Pork Roast going.

I dont paleo-ify anything into dessert or a snack, so I am probably ok, but an explanation will help. What do I do with it and how do I use it with the rest of the food that I cooked. Make salsa. 3 121 Do you have Well Fed 2? A few weeks ago, after one too many breakfast pastries and a trip to our favorite cake shop, I declared around 11pm that I would start Whole 30 the next day. Thanks again for your organized shopping list and weekly meal plan. Please keep the plans coming. I have just been diagnosed with PCOS. Thank you! Cooked Vegetables: Cook a bunch of veggies and store in the fridge. It looks like you just signed up for my email list, so check your email for the download link! Thanks!!

If cooking for 2, do we just double everything? 3. The goal here is to not feel deprived on your tastebuds even though your body feels like it’s dying without the sugar, gluten, and dairy. Check the chicken and veggies in the oven.

You’re amazing! All Rights Reserved. Top with some minced fresh chives. on: function(evt, cb) { I am most definitely picking up your cookbooks. Thanks so much. Oh I’m so happy!!! I just finished cooking everything. Anyone else having these issues? Yes! Fantastic! SO EXCITED FOR THIS! Thanks again. The only exceptions are vinegars with added sugar, or malt vinegar, which generally contains gluten. Are your sweet potatoes out of the oven?

You just saved me from giving up. /N 1 I have been addicted to your website ever since your Well Fed 2 book caught my eye while casually strolling through Book People last month with my huge triple Caramel Brûlée Latte and extra whip.

Thanks again. I just finished the day of cooking this weeks meal plan and my roommate just kept laughing at me because I was so overtly enjoying the whole process! If you’re beginning Week 2 of your Whole30®, congratulations to you! Remove the meat to a storage container, but keep the pan where it is. “4. It was discouraging to know ONE taste of anything could make you start all over but we’re learning and just press on. Make some sauces. Roasted Sweet Potatoes We are doing our first Whole30…ate ok before – not worst of the worst, but definitely not great either. 0000700802 00000 n Hope you enjoy the food!

0000667014 00000 n Stay organized for success on your Whole30 journey. Prepare Primal Gourmet’s recipe for chicken piccata above. Are they ok? I’ve thought about doing some kind of Well Fed weekend thing: fun workouts, meditation, Well Fed menus, hikes… maybe I can make it happen! Dinner: Sloppy Joe Stuffed Baked Potatoes with a Side Salad. Hard cook the eggs.

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