Thus I wonder if, on our current Awareness timeline, this might represent the arrival on Earth of Maldekians, even though the “Law of One” arrival date is logarithmically smaller. Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. I don't remember if it consumed entire stars or not) Is unsustainable? Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Three weeks later, it is revealed that all three boys managed to make it out of the cave - having since developed the power of telekinesis as a result of their interaction with the creature and have begun to practice it (with Matt having bought Andrew a new camera as his old one was left behind in the cave). The Crystalline Entity may simply not have very good "sensors". by Alice B. Clagett,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, Beings of Light - star brothers and sisters (see also 'Council of Nine'), Black magician - black magicker - subtle sorcerer - thuggee - drukpa (dugpa) - red hat - mantrik - brujo, Cellular joy - oneness with our body cells, Devas - nature spirits - nature elementals, Interspecies communication (see also 'Commensalism - Symbiosis' and 'Unusual beings on Earth'), Obsession - possession - entity attachment - exorcism, Plane of Forces - Twilight Zone: electricity - gravity - magnetism - fohat - prana - kundalini, Dream about Changing Crystal Shapes . I don't know why there would be farmland when Data was found though. When they arrive back, only Matt is at the hole as everyone else has left. As Andrew calls out to him, he is also thrown backwards and screams before his camera cuts out. Then there are all the nature spirits and devas of the natural world, which will joyously swoop down. Could you elaborate on what you're objecting to, under what sounds to be an evolutionary biology argument? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Very few people have been lucky enough to survive an attack by the Crystalline Entity. Ra may be referring to beings, but not necessarily human beings. This was probably the reason why, many years later, a small group of colonists hiding on a cave was spared when the Entity attacked their colony, as Data was present in the group. The Crystalline Entity is one of the creatures on this list that is best understood by the crew. I do not know if that just has to do with my particular energy field, or if it is universally true that that happens. Picard's. The Crystalline entity is a mysterious life form which the Federation encountered several times. ……………………………………………………. They are just filled with cerebrospinal fluid. Yes. It happens to be capable of draining life off planets but that's not their natural "prey", maybe this one somehow got lost and roamed into Federation space and then Lore showed it how it could feed off life on planets or something like that. Press J to jump to the feed. Meeting Andrew outside the rave following an incident with a man whose girlfriend Andrew was recording, Steve convinces him to come to the hole and bring his video camera to record 'the thing'. It is weird, but that is what I heard. Well, to expand on the problem: It makes no sense that the crystalline entity eats life that way. These now number more than 65 million. The crystalline entity helps Calia with regular nightmares about her family and the undead that steal her peace of mind every night. I mean, there is a life-absorbing thing floating around the galaxy destroying Federation colonies and that's not worth trying to destroy it or stop it? Oh man!!!! According to the script for the failed Chronicle sequel Martyr, the Crystalline Entity would have made a return and would be been studied by the government. She refused to release the beam and the resonance built up until the entity shattered, killing it. The USS Enterprise-D's attempt to communicate with the Crystalline Entity in 2368 using gravitational pulses was unsuccessful and ultimately resulted in the creature's death, as Dr. Kila Marr, whose son had been eaten by the entity, purposely increased the gravitational emissions until the entity was shattered. But in addition, in the human form, we have many, many representatives of the Martian delegation. Anyway, over on the right side, there is apparently another fluid-filled cavity, but with a slightly lower voice. But a lot of people … it was men … saw that scary thing; and the good thing is, they now have an understanding that it is really not possible to control the demon realm. Might those in the cranial fossae be capable of telepathy? astral planes, crystals, rambles through the brambles, crystal form, crystals, dreams, dreamtime, Childe Hassam, crystalline life forms, brothers and sisters of the stars, Drawings by Alice, JScambio, Here is a video about the interplanetary alliance in the human ‘space station’. Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. Yet, in essence, it remains the same thing. Another factor may be that it was simply not hugely intelligent and Lore was able to manipulate it to his ends (it was certainly not in it's best interest to openly attack Federation colonies, attracting the attention of armed starships). And I think that because, last night, I started talking to some other people about the Martian bacterial colonists, and their alliance with the demon realm, on the global internet … the ‘astral airs’. The Crystalline entity is a mysterious life form which the Federation encountered several times. Crystalline Entity (Outdated Host Productions) lost their Anshar in Niarja (Domain). I am relieved to say, human … part of the human system … unless the human bones are, maybe, a different kind of organism? An edited Summary follows the video. Organic matter Aside from the obvious elementary example of humans, other species overharvest and collapse their food source, or go through boom and bust cycles of population trailing that of their food source. Maldekians. (Apparently, the term ‘crystalline’ refers to hydroxyapatite crystals found in bone.). Among the group are Steve (a member of the group who is quite popular and trying to become school president) and his friend Matt. I don't recall if any details about it's intelligence was ever discussed. Well, so, enough stories for today. The entity may not have any means to detect which of the nearby stars are likely to have inhabited planets. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. One corner of the larger diamond shape points to the woman’s heart, and the other corner of the long side angled slightly higher up. Additionally, there are twelve octahedral voids located at the center of edge of the unit cell as well as one octahedral hole in the very center, for a total of four net octahedral voids.” (4). Coming to the edge of the hole, the boys once again hear the noise and - after a short while - Steve decides to go inside the hole to try and find out what is making the sound. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Image: “Simple cubic, body-centered cubic, body-centered cubic (cubic close-packing)” …, Link: “Cambrian Explosion,” in Wikipedia …, Link: “Timeline of the Evolutionary History of Life,” in Wikipedia …, Image: “Major Evolutionary Transitions,” in Wikimedia …, Link: “The Human Crystal – Crystalline Properties of the Body, in Gabriel Cousens’ Blog, 25 May 2015 …, Link: “Mystery of Earth’s Water Origin Solved,” by Andrew Fazekas, for National Geographic, 30 October 2014 …, Link: “How Did Water Come to Earth?” in the Smithsonian Magazine …, Odd Telepathic Events During Mercury Retrograde . The Entity consumes matter from a planetary surface by emitting a powerful ray which destroys everything organic and converts it into energy for the entity's metabolism. Here is the information on Orion chariots … … Would these by chance be large astral thought forms? A lot of people saw it. I’m going to control the demon realm! An FCC crystal can be regarded as a simple square. No, not just making the target disappear - in "Macrocosm" and the like, you can make the beam carry objects or substances. The Crystalline Entity is a mysterious space-dwelling lifeform that appears in Star Trek: The Next Generation. … the little areas of … Inside the brain there are little areas that are filled with fluid. Although it's not clear how the entity came to Earth, it's assumed it fell from the sky like a meteorite. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DaystromInstitute community. And I only know about two members of the alliance … two Planetary Members …. The Crystalline Entity returns, and the Enterprise takes aboard a scientist to help track it down, but her personal agenda does not match Capt. Mostly, questions without answers here. a prayer by Alice B. Clagett, Follow Awakening with Planet Earth on, Third Density Neophytes: Crystalline Entities. What a relief to see you safe. (2) Link: “The Hidden Message of Water,” by Dr. Masaru Imoto … .. (3) Link: “Cubic Crystal Lattices and Close Packing” … .. (4) Link: “Cubic Crystal System,” in Wikipedia … … CC BY-SA 3.0 .. I buy this wholesale. And they come up with all kinds of emotional ‘neg speak’, apparently, from time to time, during a retrograde like that. The specifics of what happened before the Crystalline Entity's attack are a little hard to parse from "Datalore" itself, because Data doesn't really know what happened and Lore is lying half the time. Humm…. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Space is big. Everything, including vegetation and bacteria, was completely converted. Dear Ascending Family, The Fascia Crystalline Network within our body has been impacted by the lower NET mutations in the corrupted 3D elemental structure, and this connective tissue matrix is undergoing an ongoing transformation with a sequential process of re-encryption upgrades. So It's probably less that it's intelligent enough to think this is my partner lore and more how a dog thinks of a human as the one who knows how to get more food. Calia feels deep comfort after hearing the wise words of Saa’ra: Before The Storm, Chapter 20 Then there is a final section “Additional Lines of Inquiry” that is not in the video …. His brother Data, who was deactivated at the time, also survived the attack despite remaining on the planet, proving that the Crystalline Entity is either unable or unwilling to feed on artificial lifeforms. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Crystalline Entity is a huge, spaceborne lifeform whose body consists of a complex crystalline structure similar to a snowflake in shape. Are you made of gas?

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