Am G C Am G C [Verse 1] Am G C We don't believe what's on TV Am G C Because it's what we want to see Am G C And what we want, we know we can't … House of gold. at the top where is says “transpose” in the yellowish box, press +3 or -2 (I personally prefer +3) and it still sounds like the same song, but all the chords are shifted three half-steps higher, making for easier to play chords. And we'll make E money selling your hair. An easier way to play E on the concert uke is 4,4,4,2, Yah that’s an E also thank you so much I die every time I try to play an E or a B, I have tiny baby hands. Sorry, I don’t normally read this kind of stuff :p, It means finger picking. if you need another way to play an e chord you can hold a bar on the 4th fret!! We don't believe what's on TV. We Dont Believe Whats On Tv Tabs - Twenty One Pilots, Version (2). youre a clown for having a superiority complex because you’re an older fan, What does the ‘|- – – -|’ mean in the last interlude? F#m E A Don't want to know who I would be F#m E A When I wake up from a dreamer's sleep [Pre-Chorus] Bm I need to know F#m A A7 That when I fail you'd still be here... mmmm Bm D … You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research. Lyrics don't fit on one line? That Gbm when I fail you'd still be A here... m A7 mmm. Because it's what we want to see. Db I don't care what's D in your hair. F#m E A Don't want to know who I would be F#m E A When I wake up from a dreamer's sleep [Chorus] Bm I need to know F#m A A7 That when I fail you'd still … a- 2, And if you want a slower version you can do DUX, Instead of the normal E, Nice it up one octave by barring the 4 fret and putting your pinky on 7th fret of the a string. hope you get it now :)), in the peach colored box up top there’s a line of numbers with + and -, and next to it it says transposer. g- 4 Strumming: Twenty One Pilots - We Dont Believe Whats On Tv (chords) New Feature: You can correct strumming pattern in tab, add new or correct current and submit changes. Chords Standard E- 4 All songs by Twenty One Pilots. Play We Dont Believe Whats On Tv Tabs using simple video lessons c- 4 Its from the album No Phun Intended. so if you click on the -2 or +3, the page will change and give you different notes, thanks that helped a ton. So instead of E, I like to play: A- 2, This is what I always thought was E anyway, I didn’t know other people did it too, YES SAME its a whole life saver right there, an easy alternative for an E chord is : We have all learned to kill our dreams. i play bass guitar, and my chubby fingers don’t know how to work. No strangers to the road, Twenty One Pilots has built a fervent national following via their electrifying live performances at innumerable headline shows and tours. Intro-x2-: Gbm E A A Gbm E A We don't believe what's on TV Gbm E A Because it's what we want to see Gbm E A And what we want we know we can't believe Gbm E A We all have learned to kill our dreams Bm I need to know Gbm A A7 That when I fail you'd still be here.... mmmm Bm D Cause if you stick around, I'll sing you pretty sounds E And we'll make money selling your hair Db D I don't care what's in your hair A … o H i always absolutely perish when it comes to E chords but alas,, thank yall :] also stay healthy dont get carona. And what we Gbm want we know A we can't bel E ieve. I hope you get what I mean :) ||-//, It’s a tablature thingy, meaning that you play just the 5th fret of the A string (the bottom one when holding the ukulele normally), The duo that is twenty one pilots – Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun – has earned widespread acclaim for their energetic live sets and distinctive fusion of piano-driven pop and lyrical uplift. So be kind :) This is We Don't believe what's on TV from Twenty One Pilots' new album, Blurryface [Intro] F#m E A Yeah yeah yeah! just learned it yesterday and it sounds the exact same as the regular E chord but it’s much easier! F#m E A (x2) [Verse … I like to use E7 but I mute the C string! An' what we want we know we can't believe. EasyPeasyPumpkinPeasyPumpkinPieMotherfFluffer. So, that bit in the last interlude mean you put a finger on the 5th fret of the a string and just pluck that string. C- 4 [Pre-Chorus] I need to know. can anyone name a twenty one pilots song more fun to play on uke than this one? I just wa E nna know what's on your A mind. Its really easy and fun to play! oh yessir house of gold makes me hecca happy whilst playing it. This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You’re not a true fan if you don’t know and memorize all of the songs. 2012-2020, Part of the UkuWorld network, Some Rights Reserved. The band was formed in 2009 in Columbus, Ohio by college friends, Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas, and Chris Salih. Try landscape mode instead of portrait. Never Change. Switch orientation G- 4 Cause Bm if you stick around, I'll D sing you pretty sounds. UkuWorld and its derivatives do not own any songs, lyrics or arrangements posted and/or printed. I like it on piano because thats what its written for. I dont understand this it just sounds really muted and weird can u explain plz??? F#m E A Don't want to know who I would be F#m E A When I wake up from a dreamer's sleep [Pre-Chorus] Bm I need to know F#m A A7 That when I fail you'll still be here Bm D … e- 4

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