Sharona Faster waits by the docks in Sim Quarter. The second thesis is attained by getting a relationship of 40 with Lincoln Broadsheet. After getting out of jail, talk to Mokey and give him a food item.

Note: You are required to complete Chapter 3 Part 3 first. You are required to repair two fountains. After completing this mission, Splicer Island will become inaccecible for at least 10 days. Talk to the Red Man to start the Soul Music minigame, and succeed. Pick the aforementioned date. Enter the Executive's Office, at the third floor of King Tower, between 3-4am, and you will find a secret doorway. Talk to one of the monkeys on the island, and attain a relationship of 50 with them. You can earn the money by playing Hoopz, or by picking up litter strewn along the streets and selling them to the deputy. Attain a relationship of 30 with Maximilian Moore. All of the Sim's motives decrease by 10%. You are required to answer his questions before you are able to interact with him. (Richies only), Energy Erosion is slowed by 50% at night. Attain a relationship of 50 with Dusty Hogg. (Richies only). We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Also, attain a high relationship with as many sims as possible until your relationship panel indicates your popularity has reached at least 60% (70% in the GBA). After completing this mission, you will receive another Rep point., "No. After completing this mission, the Comedian minigame is unlocked. Go to the top floor of the riverboat, where the parrot is, and talk to her. After completing this mission, Splicer Island will be unlocked. Remember you parted him by the grandfather clock in the mausoleum!? Triggered by Gramma Hattie, after completing the first five parts. Go down the elevator to where the Create a Pet minigame is, and you'll find Berkeley Clodd. Walk up to the shower and use it. Speed is increased on the GravBoard by 10%. Also, you will receive a recipe book. The 15 Giant Bog Frogs must be sold all at the same time meaning you need to stock up on 15 then sell them all. Every day at 12 pm, Ewan will wait at the motorcycle workshop south of Urbania. Triggered by Crawdad Clem, after the player completes Chapter 4, Part 2. Get your relationship with Kris Thistle to at least 30. THE URBZ: SIMS IN THE CITY FOR DS WALKTHROUGH Mission 1- misn1 Mission 2- misn2 Mission 3- misn3 Mission 4- misn4 Mission 5- misn5 Splicer Island- misnS Rep Missions- misnR List of All Xizzles- xzzl Minigames- mniG Unrelated Information- unif Credit to: Maxis and EA, for the great game.
The Hoopz Minigame is located on the roof of the jail. Detective Dan has a total of six questions. Gary Geezer, also appear in the GBA cutscene), and have a statue of you erected in Glasstown.
You will be awarded a parade featuring many characters in the game, sociable or not (Some DS-exclusive characters, i.e. Talk to Gramma Hattie, who will be in jail during this mission. After the dialogue ends, DON'T try any normal conversation options, else the game will freeze. Attain a relationship of 30 with Harlan King.

​There are rhythm game machines opposite the entrance.

After completing this mission, Sim Quarter will be unlocked. Triggered by Kris Thistle, after the opening cutscene. The Artemesia Plant is located behind the Large Brownstone and in front of a dumpster. Talk to Pritchard Locksley and he will offer you three beards: a black one, a red one, and a white one. Attain a relationship of -50 with Daddy Bigbucks. Click on it and repair it. There are drinking fountains at the Water's Gym and the Lobby. The market value of the shrunken head is §250. Tlk to Maximillian Moore, Cynthia Braintrust and Gary Geezer. Darius has a few accusations. Triggered by Crystal for (male players), or by Maximillian Moore for (female players), after completing all four Chapters. And I'm so crazy Detective Dan kicked me out of jail! There are two houses available, the Small Brownstone (§150) and the Large Brownstone (§200). Owning bigger, and several homes, or alternatively, buying expensive items, will make completing this goal easier. Collect the four coconuts scattered around the island, and give each to Pritchard Locksley. To earn creativity 1, you can either take a creativity class at the university for §10, or critique the graffiti on the dumpster behind the Large Brownstone. Talk to Olde Salty while wearing the costume, which you will after completing the previous bulltein. Pushing the A button rapidly increases the rate at which you learn. Triggered by Harlan King's black and white projection from the TV. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers.Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. ​Between 5 and 7pm, visit the Second Looks' Thrift Store and talk to the clerk.

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