Also visit Qasr al-Bint, one of Petra’s main religious temples, among other places. And began praying at supersonic volume as the aeroplane took off. Petra at night, a candlelit visit to the Treasury of Petra, was one of our favourite nights out in Jordan. Bright skies, pleasure boats and snorkelling await in Aqaba, Jordan’s playground. Please log in again. The hilltop Ajloun Castle is an interesting stop between the two sites of Jerash and Umm Qais. Jordan things to do tip: the rolling hills of Wadi Rum are akin to a different planet. But, apart from those countries, let’s not forget about one more country, Jordan. A wonder of the world. The mosaic depicts the major cities of ancient Jordan as well as the hunting and fishing techniques of ancient times. But its real richness comes from its people, from sharing hummus, tabbouleh and pitta bread together and from discovering layers and layers of history that have remarkably resulted in peace in this otherwise tumultuous part of the world. You'll find so many creative, beautiful, inspiring things to do in Jordan. This 6000-seat theater was built by the Romans in the 2nd century, and is still preserved. This post may contain compensated links. As if the whole world has turned to red sand and is waiting for you. Jordan’s only coastal city, Aqaba is the perfect access point to the diving and snorkelling of the Red Sea. The site is known as “Bethany Beyond the Jordan,” and it is a yearly gathering of Christians during their pilgrimage season. It's always wise to check before you book but Jordan has been safe for many years. Known for its highly salty waters, it will lift you easily without the fear of drowning or attempts to swim. The site is so well preserved it’s easy to imagine the grandeur of this city that once was and the history of the site really comes alive. Even the coffee has UNESCO Intangible Heritage Status. Jordan’s capital city is a heady mix of modern and ancient and is the perfect balance of chaotic and charming. The hidden oasis of Lawrence’s Spring is present along the crimson dunes, rock bridges, and towers of the desert plains. Use the glorious Siq as an entry-way to the ancient Nabatean city of Petra. Yellow and red sand dunes are located throughout Wadi Rum and launching oneself down a sand dune is a Wadi Rum must! Then visit Petra by Night for candlelit beauty. Have a day trip full of wonders in Petra (from USD 250.0), 2. From ancient Roman theaters to crumbling Crusader castles, Jordan has centuries worth of history to explore. While walking the narrow, rosy stone path, Siq will forcibly find itself to your to-do list. How many days would you recommend you need? I, by this stage, was red-faced from keeping my fleece on, with hair in disarray and not so much as a dash of lipstick in sight. When complete, it will run for more than 30 metres involving more than 3.5 million pieces and expects to earn the record of being the largest mosaic in the world (if you look closely, you’ll find a piece with my name on it. Camp beneath the stars in a (tailored for visitors) Bedouin tent, ride on camels, dune bash and take to the skies in a hot air balloon. Check out the top things to do in Jordan 1. Things to Do in Jordan: Here is a list of what to do in Jordan in 2020. Find more info in our disclosure policy. Quseir Amra is an excellent stop about 70 minutes east of Amman. Indulge in the hot, mineral waters and enjoy the breeze of nature. You can also go to Jerusalem which isn’t so far away.

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