On Saturday, February 27th, 1982, Mark attended a friend's 18th birthday party in Windsor Gardens, a neighborhood in northeastern Adelaide. However, gossip and rumor fuelled investigations for decades. For that reason, this crime remains technically unsolved to this day. This ultimately resulted in a victory for Dr. Peter Millhouse's attorneys, earning the man an acquittal and his freedom. Now twenty-five years old, Neil had spent the better part of the last few years struggling with addictions and vices that left him moving from place-to-place pretty regularly. While Neil Muir had endured a similar fate, his remains were too badly mutilated to test for any drugs; however, the injuries suffered seemed to be identical. Because Neil's transient lifestyle led to him becoming known as a bit of a vagabond, his sexuality was not exactly common knowledge. Referred to as a "Randy Mandy" among the era's deviants, Mandrax was a sedative that had just become popular worldwide with the branding "Quaalude." While investigators had been keeping information closely guarded in this case, they decided to publicize this information to the media in the hopes that it would attract follow-up tips. Unfortunately, that Thursday, Peter never arrived at the mall to meet his friend. Neil Muir was someone that you could describe as a transient. That Monday - August 27th, 1979 - Neil Muir was seen alive for the last time. Despite there being an overwhelming lack of physical evidence, police decided to pursue charges against Dr. Millhouse anyways, using the rope and trash bags recovered from his home as their primary building block. Williams, along with county coroner L.A. Linquist. If that was true, then could that have been happening to the other young male victims that had been viciously murdered in the preceding years? Part of the problem was that around 30 trains departed from the Villisca train depot each day. Their psychological profile indicated that Neil's body had been carved up due to either a psychotic killer that derived pleasure from inflicting pain on others or someone that wanted to hide his/her identity. In both cases, gouges were found on the ceilings from where his axe scraped before the flat of the blade crushed each person’s skull. Richard walked him down the road to the nearby O'Connell Street bus stop, arriving without incident, and waited there for his friend's bus to arrive. So prosecutors and the police began to build their case around Millhouse without his cooperation, including witness statements that alleged the two had been together the weekend before Neil's violent death. A short time later, police were contacted and later arrived at the scene to document the grisly find. On the afternoon of Sunday, June 5th, 1983, Richard was kicking around a soccer ball with his father Rob and his friend Boris at a park near his home. In the early hours of Saturday, June 8th, a local woman named Fay Van Gilder was accosted by a strange man looking for the Moore home. However, that was very circumstantial evidence at best, and anything but definitive. They were a picture-perfect family that regularly attended their local Presbyterian church and supported the community. It was there that they found his backpack hidden in the garage, which ultimately led to calls to all of his friends. His family knew this but accepted that there was little they could do to curtail this behavior; letting Alan grow and develop at his own pace as his adolescence came to an end. Geesman. Of the five men that fell prey to this violent killer, at least two had been drugged with Mandrax, as had George. So the police began reaching out to people that worked or had otherwise been in the area. Australian police launch appeal to solve string of notorious killings stretching back to 1966”, The Advertiser - “Doctor found not guilty of ‘Family’ murder of Neil Muir dies in NSW”, Kimberly Riley & Jeremy Britt-Bayinthavong. Meanwhile, as police struggled to answer these basic questions, the trial against Dr. Peter Millhouse remained a thing of the past. The Villisca axe murders occurred between the evening of June 9, 1912, and the early morning of June 10, 1912, in the town of Villisca, Iowa, United States. So, they believed that this crime might have been perpetrated by someone that Neil owed money to, who wanted to cover up their tracks afterward. For that reason, many of these men and women had to keep their sexuality confined to specific locations. He was the son of Channel 9 News host Rob Kelvin, who had just recently taken over the hosting gig after more than a decade of field reporting through the station and a radio affiliate. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. In August of 1979, Neil was living alone in an apartment on Carrington Street, right in the middle of Adelaide itself. Be warned that the spirits of the dead may not be at rest, as several visitors have reported children’s voices, falling lamps, and a supernatural presence that lingers in our world. Hours would begin to pass, and Alan would fail to return home at all that Sunday. In October of 1982 - in the very midst of this crime spree - a teenage hitchhiker named George had been picked up by a passing car. Mrs. Moore stated on the 9th that she had seen the same man on their property but thought nothing of it. Neil's remains were brought in and carefully examined by the area's medical examiners, who quickly discovered an alarming red flag, which harkened back to the discovery of Alan Barnes' corpse. The family consists of Josiah "Joe" Moore, Sarah Moore, Herman Moore, Katherine Moore, Boyd Moore, and Paul Moore. This was as good of a tip as police were going to get, and since the most recent victim of this strange killing spree had been found in the Foothills, police decided to follow through on the tip. His friend likely just assumed that Peter had bailed on their plan, and likely gone to school that day. Their family had grown quickly, with 11-year-old Herman, 9-year-old Katherine, 7-year-old Boyd, and 5-year-old Paul. Detective O'Brien was the unfortunate one tasked with notifying the Kelvins that Richard's body had been found; which he describes in his book as one of the most heartbreaking duties he's ever had to endure. Even though he was nearly an adult at this point - and had a fair amount of independence in his life - this disappearance was deemed very out-of-the-ordinary. However, they were able to learn that - before his body was burned in the brush fire - his remains had been cut into multiple parts with a saw. Allegations would even surface that indicated Dr. Millhouse had been one of the people in the area that supplied Neil with prescription drugs, but that would remain an allegation for the foreseeable future. The first trial ended in a hung jury and the second ended in an acquittal. We know that on the morning of Sunday, June 17th, Alan and his friend woke up, and tried their luck hitchhiking back to Alan's family's house (a practice that wasn't that uncommon in the late 1970s). The final two - Mark Langley and Richard Kelvin - had disappeared just blocks away from one another. He would literally go on to write the book about this terrifying saga, called "Young Bloods," which - if you're interested - is one of the best resources for this case. Several eyewitnesses remembered seeing Alan and his long, blond hair standing along Grand Junction Road that Sunday. All that the investigation seemed to have was gossip. Richard and Boris remained at the park for a bit longer, kicking around the soccer ball and chatting, before eventually, Boris decided to make his way home. [3] The murders were reputedly so horrifying that it is said that they took the sinking of the RMS Titanic, which occurred about two months earlier, off the front page of the newspapers. It's important to note that, even though members of the LGBTQ community felt more comfortable to express themselves socially, that did not mean that everyone in the area was necessarily welcoming. He was seventeen years old, with a youthful, handsome appearance, and a carefree, fun-loving attitude. Among those voices, he described, was a higher-pitched voice, which sounded almost feminine. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. At this point, the idea of a random killer hadn't even crossed investigators' minds. This caller alleged that the two older men had been driving around a 1963 EJ Holden sedan. He then explained to the investigator that he was a former lover of Neil's, from roughly four years beforehand, and had run into the man just days before his eventual murder. In the latter half of the 1970s, South Australia had started to regulate drugs like Mandrax, known throughout most of the world as "Quaaludes." Whatever it was, it looked like a human body but was somehow twisted and contorted in an inhuman nature.

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