The Sentry can keep fighting with no power loss even after having his body destroyed multiple times), Range: Standard melee range for his human form. Dhruv 1 mo 22 d . Then, he was slammed into another wall by the same power. Ner, Mecha: We've taken into account all aspects of the fighters, and set way for the outcome. I mean nothing under the rules section prevents Superman from sun dipping for an entire year since Kryptonian's powers and abilities comes from the Sun itself. Ruby: The evil ham! He always made sure to help the little guys around him, trying to save them from being sacrificial lambs for the gods and taking care of the little girl. "You weren't the first metal man to try and fail to weaken me because he thought I was something I wasn't. Another hero dressed in a bat-themed attire and a man in a red devil-like uniform were taking fire from goons under the control of a man with a bulging blood-colored skull. And shao khan is a mortal kombat characters if you mean that. There is no equipment allowed in this fight. Soon enough, Sentry was being held down by multiple Doombots while Superman was in a more unimpeded position. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Sentry brushed his hands against one another, prideful that he had rid the world of an abomination. Sentry would ultimately get the Void in the fight (Death Battle policy) meaning he'd have what he needs to take out Superman and win the match. Back at it again with the badassery! One of very few super heroes active during the years just prior to the Fantastic Four's emergence, Sentry gained new importance when the new wave of heroes rose to prominence. was the reply as the soldiers did just that. But all you are...." Once more, the red eyes appeared.... Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. "This power.....It's....that....thing.....If that's the case....." Superman suddenly burst forth, ramming Sentry backwards with a tremendous boost. Another was heavily injured as a boot collided with his chest. This one is very different by a small variation! Within the rubble, Bob Reynolds pushed off non-working clones of Victor Von Doom before pushing off debris and getting up. After his three personalities merged together, his power increased to the point that he snapped Scout's neck, who became the new Sentry and was overpowering him before this), Speed: Massively FTL+ (Scaling from Thor and has reacted to his Mjolnir throws. Superman rocketed towards his trail, hoping to end the fight as soon as possible. Note 2: Before making any changes to this page, please read and follow the Power-scaling Rules for Marvel and DC Comics. Both sides of his costume became seared. It didn't take long for Robert to figure out who was doing this. He provided half the force that halted the Celestial Exitar, who was much larger than the Earth and couldn't be stopped by Rogue who had the power of almost all the superheroes, and he has outmatched Thor and Terrax in physical struggles. And he's next to a bald guy in a giant metal suit! ""And who might you be? ""Fair enough. Once the metamorphosis was over, the man known as Bruce Banner passed out onto the concrete. The Sentry even battled Dr. Doom alongside the Fantastic Four and defeated his greatest enemy, the General, with the X-Men's aid. Thanos beats up all 3 at this point, especially seeing how much of a jobber Darkseid is. "YOUR DEATH COMES NOW! ""Oh, wow, there's a man in a golden outfit with a blue cape now! Nonchalantly, the Last Son of Krypton replied with "Never wanted to in the first place and you know it." "Reynolds heard this quip and turned to Kent. ""You ever think if we work hard enough, our little shop will take off? To Lex Luthor.....Seeing Superman being manhandled like he was currently by anyone but himself was unacceptable. Some see it as following laws. This is just perfect! Ahhh... We had NO IDEA what was coming from the prelude... and then this thing appears. ""Wait, wha-"BAM!Superman was on the receiving end of a surprise attack and a sucker punch. He turned away to continue his battle. Superman bellowed as he regained his balance. Even their powers together wouldn't even scratch PR Beyonder. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick. It's time to settle the debate, once and for all. Unless Superman somehow acquires reality-warping powers, finds a being who is so fundamentally his opposite just their touch will cause a violent feedback, and then somehow finds a way to remain conscious after his body is destroyed by said clash and use the power generated to propel himself into another plane of existence, he can't the Armor's dimension. cried out a commanding officer. You don't deserve to crush this pathetic excuse for a god! Well, I read the entire fight. Mewtwo: and considered every possibility. The business man in the suit laughed with glee as he shot two superpowered beings down. DC and Marvel powerhouses collide as we take a look at which powerhouse would come out on top in battle: Superman or Sentry. "But I'm still leagues above you. It almost seemed like Sentry aimed to crush it, before trying to ram it into the tank. He becomes weaker if his mental state wavers/loses confidence, and dumping him in the Negative Zone (a dimension where all matter is negatively charged) massively depowers the Sentry, but not the Void persona. In fact even the park was a lively place with various fri. After picking up speed and twirling a few dozen times, Superman released his grip, sending Sentry high into the sky once again. Cel: Ready and able, Doc! I-" "Fire!" Classification: Human enhanced by chemical serum (a much more powerful version of the one used on Captain America); Angel of Death, Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (could hear someone calling him on the other side of the Earth and perceive people's auras and other energies), Flight, Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2), Telepathy, Telekinesis (his mind holds his physical powers together), Energy Manipulation and Projection (Like drawing on ambient energy, calming the Hulk with his aura, and sometimes displaying energy physiology), Energy Absorption, Attack Reflection (Can send a attack back with a wave of his hand), Forcefield Creation (Created a forcefield out of light to deflect Terrax' blast), Elemental Manipulation and Weather Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Invisibility, Intangibility, Matter Manipulation (Atomic level), Transmutation (Transmuted a rock into a Healing Orb), Memory Manipulation (Repeatedly wiped the memories of everyone on Earth over and over), Empathic Manipulation (Used his powers to calm down the Hulk), Mind Manipulation (His telepathic power is greater than even Charles Xavier's), Soul Manipulation (can devour souls), Power Bestowal, Dimensional Travel, his body's atoms are an instant ahead of the current timeline (and their nature was unknown to Molecule Man relative to all the molecules that he had experienced), can survive in outer space, doesn't need sleep, air, food or water, Immunity to diseases, Regeneration (High, can regenerate from a single atom, and from being completely blown up), Healing, Immortality (Types 1, 3, and 4), Life Creation, Resurrection, Teleportation and Transformation, Resistance to Mind Manipulation (His mental shields are strong enough to keep out Charles Xavier and Emma Frost, resisted Doctor Strange's Mind Manipulation, Acid Manipulation (withstood acid that could easily melt through metals) and Heat and Magma Manipulation (stood in lava), Attack Potency: Solar System level (Repeatedly stated to have the power of a million exploding suns.

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