Allow your cake to cool for approx. This is because these pans have the ideal silicone surfaces that pop food right out with just a quick twist. humidity can be tough! Try it both ways. Thanks in advance!! I guess I was doing the right thing after all! Not sure if the size has something to do with it, mine were tiny 4 inch layers. If I make the entire cake (including the final frosting layer and all the designs) 2 or 3 days in advance from when I want it to be presented or cut, where should I store the cake? Before wrapping in freezing? I plan to make the cakes on Saturday (party on Sunday). I have a question: Is it okay to leave the cakes (already leveled and sliced to size) overnight, wrapped in plastic wrap on the counter if I’m going to be assembling the cake the next day? Hi can I use foil instead Saran Wrap to wrap the Cakes for the freezer. I have had trouble with my cakes crumbling when I try to level them or decorate them. haha I know it seems creepy, but that’s what I do! Then wrapped in Syran wrap… then foil.. then in a large rubbermaid container. I too am a self taught home baker. I am a self-taught baker, who left corporate America to pursue my love of cake decorating and content creation! Won’t that dry out the layers? Hi! At what point do you hit the cake with a little simple syrup? Thank you. Hope that helps, happy baking! Leave on the counter or put in the fridge? I don’t have to decorate it two days in advance it’s just I would prefer it so I’m not so stressed ahead of time. I wanted to make the cake layers a day in advance and I was wondering how long will it have to thaw if I want to eat it immediately after? When not using parchment I wait 15-20 minutes before removing cake from pan. Flip the cake and pan over and let the cake slide out onto the rack. Or does that dry the cake out too much? I like to poke the central hole once my cake layers are frosted and stacked, so I do it after the freezing/thawing. What are your thoughts on this? The cooler the cake, the less likely it is to fall apart. you definitely can! This ended up being much longer than I intended, so here’s a little recap of the main takeaways of making cake layers in advance: Please let me know if you use any different methods for freezing cake layers, I’d love to hear about them!! I didn’t use simple syrup but am wondering if I should now. I have actually frozen my cake for a year.. and it was delicious. I’m going to try your vanilla buttermilk cake recipe and your pink Birthday cake with candy for my 4 year old nieces birthday! Once the cake is cool, she makes a gap between the wall of the pan and the cake using a paring knife. When not using parchment I wait 15-20 minutes before removing cake from pan. Flip the pan over the board and the cake should come out. When making my cake layers ahead of time, I take my pans out of the oven, then run an offset spatula around the edge of the pan to separate the layers from the pan. Use a rubber spatula or plastic knife to release the cake from the sides. Thank you Chelsea for sharing your wisdom! I heard they perform similarly to Saran wraps plus they’re reusable. Do you ever level your layers before you freeze them? Any ideas? 5. Thanks By I think it’s all a matter of preference. you can also level them then freeze them though! Wring out the water so that the kitchen towel is damp, but not dripping. In theory, if you properly wrap the layers they should stay fresh either way! When do suggest I bake? A circle of parchment in the bottom of a round cake pan can make removing the … And leftover frosting you have can be frozen for up to three months, or refrigerated for a month . So I run into a lot of questions with know one to assist. If I was a production baker (time = money), I'm sure I'd have enough experience on 'what works for me' to slap cakes around willy-nilly and forego all sorts of the 'careful' steps taken as a hobby baker. I find I’m able to enjoy it most when I’m not worrying about how much longer my layers need to bake, or cleaning up the clouds of powdered sugar that seem to coat my kitchen whenever I make frosting. Hope that helps, happy baking! If you like using them, silicone liners (like Silpat and Exopat) are good in preventing sticking when baking on a sheet pan. They do still bake a bit right when they’re out of the oven, but only for a few minutes. You should be able to find all that info here: Hii I baked my cake yesterday using butter and condensed milk … it came out good but I kept in fridge …. Question though…so once I decorate the slightly frozen cake and it’s ready to go, do you put the cake in the refridgerator? Can’t wait to try some of your recipes! Ugh! I too work in corporate finance and don’t have much time during the week, so love the idea of make the cakes one night, icing the next, decorating the next. If it seems too weird you can always wrap them to give yourself peace of mind. Are the cakes still spongy…bake it a night before & what about the sugar water we apply while frosting. if you go the freezer route, transfer the cake to your fridge a day before you plan to eat it, to help reduce the temperature shock! If you try to level the cake before it has thaw, it will be extremely difficult to cut through, making it more likely that the layers break. I have a cake that I have crumb coated and is frozen. I’ve already made the Funfetti layers and oreo frosting. Freeze the cake and then travel on Thursday and refreeze the cake at Destination. Thank you for the reply! I adore cakecentral. Learn more about Chelsweets Privacy Policy. Hope that helps, happy baking! My cake layers are usually in the fridge for about 12-15 hours. I removed the foil and wrap.. and allow to defrost a day in the fridge. Thank you! Hope that helps! in the pan. ?Happy to report that I took your advice on my next few cakes and the condensation problem was no problem at all! To be completely honest, if I am just freezing my cake layers overnight, I don’t wrap them. I found it super helpful. Thank you. leave spong cakes until cool down completly in the pan and then remove. If my cake layers are at room temperature, and I try to carve them, I find that my layers kind of crumble, and are very difficult to shape. I have tried so many different bakers, I’ve been to pastry school – and these are just spot on with what I was looking for. Hope that helps, happy baking! With the pans, you can get easily creative with your layers of cake. Just be sure to use some simple syrup, to ensure it’s moist when you cut into it! The venue is over an hour away and I won’t be able to get there early to assemble and frost at the venue. For example, if I baked layers on Wednesday and then decorated on Friday or Saturday? Could I assemble and frost the night before, put the entire decorated cake into the freezer, and let it thaw on the way to the venue and during the ceremony? I am so happy to hear that Natalie! Sounds crazy, right?? And how long should I refrigerate after I frost it? Someone on here has a saying that goes like this:  "One baker's never-ever is another baker's go-to". They want a semi naked cake… my only concern is the wedding is early in the day, 11am. Your recipes are out of this world and so awesome. that layer of frosting locks in all the moisture. Love it!! ayla gh Posted 10 Jan 2015 , 7:09pm. I prefer doing it that way because it is more simple . You can totally make them at home, and fly with them! Or it can stay good in the freezer for up to a month! View all posts by Chelsweets. Saturday? I am making my first ever wedding cake for our best friends. Do you ever use simple syrup to keep your cakes moist? I’m so sorry for the delayed response! I’ve never heard of freezing cakes, but I’m going to start trying it now. Then, placing the wire rack over the base of the cake, invert the pan. Pop the cake into the freezer for like five minutes to let the frosting set, then wrap it. Pry the sides loose with a rounded knife. When I’ve cut into a cake, I simply cover the cut sections with leftover frosting, which helps lock in all the moisture. Thanks for your help. It can vary based on the type of fruit and size of the fruit pieces, but it they’re fully cooked into the cake layers it should be fine to freeze them.

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