Although patients with these conditions are at increased risk for developing depression,7 there is little evidence that their risk will be further increased by adding beta blockers (Table),3-6 Although patients taking beta blockers report a higher incidence of fatigue and sexual side effects—which could be interpreted as related to depression—studies do not support an association between these medications and depression. Camarie Yes most deffinetly i find with me even being depressed and high anxiety i am still better off taking the propranolol brand Inderal but i switch from the regular to the sr..sustained released it far out ways my anxiety no more heart flutters and when i take my antianxiety med's they work much better,But i am also on 2 different antidepressaints i have tried going off the propranolol sr several times to see if it well help but no go im doing much better with it and more so sence we changed it to the sr type.. good luck my friend ..Chuck Wise Sr. retired Pharmacy Technician Cpht state of oregon means certified or licenced pharmacy technician. It's not as strong but can work pretty well. Increased prescribing of antidepressants subsequent to beta-blocker therapy. Not sure your GP will prescribe those though. Hi, recently after the doctor originally planning on giving me the usual SSRI, he prescribed me this. I have been prescribed propranolol twice since then: once in my second year at university when I had a particularly severe episode of anxiety and depression which really affected my life, and again last October when my workplace ran into financial difficulties and stopped paying their staff before making us all redundant. Getting my cat scan in a couple of days then a follow up so will ask her. So far, nothing. 7. 2. I can relate to the chest feeling it is the worst. There's a lot of scam sites out there, do you have any advice on how I can find a legitimate pharmacy selling legitimate drugs? My GERD has also been worse. The GI issues are common side effects unfortunately. However they do treat my suicidal thoughts and behaviour, and the hyper-emotionality that seems to be part of my depression. First reported in the 1960s, beta blocker-induced depression was thought to result from the drugs’ antagonistic effect on norepinephrine at ß1 post-synaptic brain receptors. The contemporary psychiatric literature is divided as to whether propranolol can cause depression. I have some but stopped taking it because my (very) slow heart rate was scaring me too. Knowing which method to use in the … 3. Propranolol Depression. Propranolol is also used in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Remember max dose is 80. All rights reserved. See a neurologist and there are a slew of medications to try that may help. Andrew J. Muzyk, PharmDJane P. Gagliardi, MD. Based on these results, the authors concluded that clinicians should not be deterred from prescribing beta blockers because the drugs’ benefit in reducing morbidity and mortality in cardiovascular disease greatly outweighs the risk—if any—of new-onset depression associated with beta-blocker use. I understand what is happening to my body when I take it so I don't get freaked out when my heart rate slows. Think your suggestion of an online pharmacy is my best option. The only side effects I experienced are that sometimes it makes me feel a bit light-headed and I feel as if my concentration can suffer because of this. However I'm not averse to ordering meds myself. Being able to sort fact from fiction will help guide your care for patients taking beta blockers who report new or worsening depressive symptoms. I have it perscribed specifically for anxiety. It can cause some initial anxiety, but it is typically temporary and fades quickly. Something to slow my brain down would be very helpful. From novel/alternative substances, to established medications. 4. van Melle JP, Verbeek DEP, van den Berg MP, et al. Got propranolol and probably was taking 80mg to stay shake free all day but made my depression worse after a couple of weeks. Thanks. But by itself it might work for you. Other treatment modalities are welcome as long as there is a clear intention towards symptom improvement, and at least a modest attempt at being scientific. r/ssc justification: Unique community with similar problems that may have similar responses to particular solutions.. My gp has switched the propranolol to extended release. Maybe it is not that significant of a problem? I'm in the UK so don't have access to a psychiatrist. Mechanistically, peripheral effects of beta blockers on the heart and kidneys lead to decreased chronotropy and inotropy as well as lower blood pressure. 1992;267(13):1783-1787. Not sure if this was mentioned but please taper of the propanolol as it can cause rebound high blood pressure if you have been on it for long. More posts from the EssentialTremor community, Shaking/ tremble: Hands,arms, head,voice, legs, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I'm suffering from debilitating anxiety. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. r/depressionregimens is a community focused on the research and discussion of treatments for depression and anxiety. Does the sedation wear off? Since none of the 12 patients with a history of depression … It was the first step, before taking any SSRIs or SNRIs (I was very nervous about meds). JAMA. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the depressionregimens community, Continue browsing in r/depressionregimens. the acid at night, have you elevated the head of your bed?

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