However, most of them are municipal hospitals since it has only a few government hospitals.

He was on admission at the Eastern Regional Hospital in Koforidua for few days having visited the Police Clinic in Koforidua and Newland Hospital- a private Hospital before his death. It is up to the patient to decide whether they want to go to a public or private hospital. The former Medical Superintendent of the Koforidua Regional Hospital explained that the user rate of the hospital is quiet high as compared to other regional hospitals, and the provision of more modern health equipment would enhance the performance of the staff, and also satisfy the needs of clients of the hospital.

Public hospitals, on the other hand, offer great services but are more affordable than private hospitals. However, if you require medical attention, then these facilities will be sufficient since the population is not that big. The deceased, a 55-year-old Chief Inspector with the Central Police Station in Koforidua died Friday, May 29 after a short illness. READ ALSO: ECG Ghana contact numbers and office locations. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Other companies like GLICO and the municipal assembly that we work with have also donated some items to support us. There are CHAG facilities in the region, but they are all health centres or maternity homes. “We reached out to our partners, people we do business with, philanthropist and few individuals we know they can assist us to put up the facility so today we are so much happy that Sahem has come to give us 50 bags of cement. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. There are over 230 hospitals in Accra. In the Volta region, the number of hospitals is adequate. The region has every medical facility, however, there are no diagnostic centres, and there is only one dental centre. Ashanti is one of the regions with the highest number of hospitals built by the Europeans in Ghana. Regional Hospital, St Joseph Hospital, Newlands Medical Centre, St. John's Academy & Sports College, SDA Hospital, Koforidua - … There are also mission (CHAG) hospitals that are both accessible and affordable. This region has one of the lowest numbers of facilities as there are only 145 hospitals and 12 pharmacies. 4 hours ago, GBC Studio B Host Finale Of IDDRR Quiz Competition, Ashanti Regional Youth Network Launches Peace Campaign, Election 2020: Reject Violent Politicians For Better Future, Jerry Rawlings: One Great Lesson In Life And Death, Rawlings' Death: He'll Be Remembered As Legendary Revolution, Akufo-Addo Shares Fond Memories Of Rawlings, Ghana Bans Importation Of Day Old Chicks, Poultry Products F, Aggrieved Menzgold Customers Insist On Gov't Bailout, Read How Prof Oduro Exposes Captain Smart, "Ordering Jane Na, Bring My 'Kpanjag' If You Want To Join Politics — Bawku Nab, NAGRAT Demands 25% Increase In Base Pay For 2021, Felix Kwakye Rubbishes Alleged Infidel Video,'I Kept Items F, Breaking News: JJ Rawlings Confirmed Dead, How Mfantseman MP ‘Killers’ Were Busted In Kumasi Exposed By, 60 Alleged Western Togoland Separatists Freed, WAEC Caution Students Against Using Rogue Sites That Give Fa. There are hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, ultrasound scans, diagnostic centres, eye clinics, and maternity homes. Out of all the regional hospitals in Ghana, this region is the only one that doesn’t have actual CHAG (mission) hospitals.

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