They will also gather around electronics that radiate heat and other prime areas that are secluded. The water/Soda/sugar solution is irresistable to them…so much so, that they let off a pheromone to tell the rest of the colony where the food source is. The trick for me worked when I used the mixture in corner if my lanai instead of inside. The female cockroaches are constantly creating and laying eggs, carrying an egg sac or oothecae. After I began using this, I have found dead cockroaches in random corners of the house. My elderly dad has had roaches for years has tried everything n wen they began it was a very clean house no children or pets my dad has used boric acid many x n I always hated it wen he did because I'm sensitive to powders n all it ever did was make them come out n run around like crazy I can't stand roaches it may kill a few but it don't do much he has had exterminators I've tried sticky pads n borax ditamachesearth that really bothered my asthma tiny cups of cheap wine soapy water spray The yellow Listerine works as a spray directly on them to kill but not as a dettern . Baking powder is made with baking soda and cream of tartar,so it probably works just the same. They are relentless, persistent and where they have been established, they will not give up without a fight. I'm about to apply again. I am a nature lover but it has been driving me nuts! Then, when the roach drinks water, the baking soda reacts, creating gas inside of the roach which causes its stomach to burst, killing the roach. Also my dads house backed up to a huge field w a large electrical power plant n he had a big barn in back yard those are the only diffrences ??? The roaches were gone in 3 days–and I did not see one again. Roaches will live outside and almost anywhere, trees, woodpile, planter, under rocks, but they do prefer to breed in warm, damp locations. The house next door is empty. Having been suffering with roaches over the past few years I thought it was time to try finally kick some roach but. They didn’t need much and they aren’t very picky, needing just food, water and shelter. Agree!!! Fill the bottle caps with them and put the caps in discreet corners where often often see the roaches. But, you can see the amount of roaches decrease steadily. Instead of throwing out a container of baking powder that had expired, I decided to do something useful with it by creating a cockroach-killing powder. Within 30 Days you will be Roach Free. 1 ounce of sodium fluoride (from pharmacy). Any kind of sugar should be fine. Still am killing a few every day, nothing like I moved into. on Baking Soda as a Natural Cockroach-Killing Powder. I'll do that too. Kid and Pet Safety Using Homemade Roach Killer. Once you have sealed up your kitchen go around to other areas of the home and then move outdoors and look around the exterior perimeter of your home for and cracks and gaps that cockroaches may be able to travel through to gain access into your home. I AM WORRIED TO USE THIS WITH BUT I PUT BAKING SODA AROUND THE HOUSE, AROUND THE LIVING ROOM, BATHROOM AND KITCHEN, BEHIND THE COUCH AND SPRINKLED ON COUNTER TOPS AT NIGHT, DO YOU THINK THIS WOULD WORK, I AM SO TIRED OF THIS. Natural Pest Control Recipe for Roaches (for big jobs like restaurants), Place all ingredients above in bucket and mix well. You can find them just about anywhere. at the same time I have this ridiculous thing with mortar bees who are somehow coming in to my bathroom and then dying. It's a shame we all can't just be free from the filthy things! Others in our neighborhood have a problem with them, too. We all need to start taking steps to prevent cancer and toxicity everywhere or it's only going to get worse, for everyone.

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