Carlsen learned how to play chess when he was five years old. His World Chess Championship 2016 test was against Karjakin, who had won the 2015 FIDE World Cup and took out Caruana in the 2016 Candidates Tournament. Copyright 2001-2020, Chessgames Services LLC.

Carlsen wasn’t done in 2014. The two were tied at the end of their six slow games, and then Aronian won the match on rapid tiebreaks. The next year Carlsen again tied for first place in the event, this time against his mentor, Agdestein. After his performance at the London Chess Classic, Carlsen broke Kasparov’s 13-year-old rating record (2851). Magnus Carlsen Chess Games Players Result Moves Year; Magnus Carlsen (2872) Jeffery … He celebrated by jumping fully clothed into a pool. Victories in elite tournaments are expected of him, and for the most part, he performs to the incredibly high expectations of the chess world and casual observers.

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Indeed, the amazing part about Carlsen is that he’s accomplished so much in so little time and still he seems ready for more.

Additionally, he has won multiple world titles in rapid (twice) and blitz (four times) time controls, achieved the highest rating ever, and racked up several elite tournament wins, including two Norway Chess victories and seven in Wijk aan Zee. Carlsen won the 2018 World Chess Championship in a playoff after taking all three rapid games. Carlsen became the world champion of chess roughly one week before his 23rd birthday. There he defeated Karpov, the former world champion and often recognized as one of the top 10 players of all time. Carlsen extended this streak to 125 games, before being defeated by GM Jan Krzysztof-Duda at the 2020 Norway Tournament, to add yet another record to Carlsen’s collection: the longest unbeaten streak in history. He instead amazed other people by completing activities that demonstrated his general intellectual aptitude at an early age. Carlsen had a string of impressive performances leading to the world championship events in November and December. He had a tough showing in the former, finishing fifth in the World Rapid Chess Championship. He scored 31/42 points, three full points ahead of the current world champion (classical) at the time, Anand, who was three points ahead of another world champion, GM Vladimir Kramnik (who shared third place with Karjakin). Carlsen secured his first Norwegian championship the following year, in 2006, which was the last time he took part in the event. In July 2000, the nine-year-old won the youngest age group at the Norwegian championship—for players under the age of 11—with a score of 10/11. By two points, Carlsen topped a field with an average rating of 2725, including GMs Anand, Luke McShane, Nakamura, and Kramnik. He achieved another noteworthy accomplishment—a 101-game unbeaten streak set at the 2019 FIDE Grand Swiss. He finished with 7.5/9 points in the elite tournament, which put him ahead of Anand and Nakamura by a half-point. In January 2013, it was official in FIDE’s ratings list. That’s the fourth-highest performance rating in a tournament since the Elo rating system was established in 1970. Carlsen won the 2009 tournament with 8/10 points, finishing 2.5 points ahead of the top-rated player in the world at the time, GM Veselin Topalov. He won the tournament two full points ahead of GMs Radjabov and Boris Gelfand. The highlight that year wasn’t Carlsen’s tournament performances, which were impressive given the world-class competition in each event. The Norwegian phenom became well-known on a world stage after his successful year in 2004. Two more draws ensued, pushing the match to rapid tiebreaks. then simply login login under your username now to join the discussion. It looked like 2010 would bring more of the same.
This time Carlsen broke through and secured his first category-18 tournament (average rating range from 2676 to 2700) win. The family spent one year in Espoo, Finland, and then in Brussels, Belgium, before returning to Norway in 1998, where they lived in Lommedalen, Bærum. When Henrik Carlsen, his father, introduced him to chess, the five-year-old was busy memorizing the areas, population numbers, flags and capitals of every country in the world. He placed sixth in the Under-12 section of the European Youth Chess Championship, and a few weeks later he tied for first place in the World Youth Chess Championship’s Under-12 section. Ending Anand’s reign as the undisputed champion from 2007 to 2013, Carlsen became the 16th undisputed world champion. With only one loss and 9/13 points, Carlsen took the event by a half-point over GMs Maxime Vachier Lagrave, Anish Giri, Wesley So, and Ding Liren, all who shared second place. See if you can come up with the world champion's moves in some of his best games.    Ahmed C Abbas vs M Magnusson (Apr-13-19) 0-1   M Magnusson vs Mike Mcdonald (Apr-11-19) 0-1   N Djukic vs M Magnusson (Apr-10-19) 1-0   M Magnusson vs B O Birkisson (Apr-09-19) 1/2-1/2   Jon Eggert Hallsson vs M Magnusson (Apr-08-19) 0-1 The first four games resulted in draws. They later moved to Haslum. Maybe he’ll surpass the 2882 mark he set as the highest chess rating in history. Another highlight in 2008 was Carlsen’s win at the Aerosvit tournament, where he finished undefeated at 8/11 points and achieved his best performance rating of his career at 2877. In the first round of the 2007 tournament, he met top-seed GM Levon Aronian.

In September, Carlsen finished a point ahead of Nakamura in his Sinquefield Cup win.
Finally, in December, Carlsen won the 2012 London Chess Classic, his third win at the tournament. At the end of 2019, he was again the world champion for all three time controls (classical, rapid, and blitz).

At that time he called it his most important success. The final match between Carlsen and Nakamura broke records for viewership and sign-ins on Carlsen learned how to play chess when he was five years old. The reigning world champion was right. With better piece activity and pawn structure, Carlsen kept the pressure on Anand, who had missed a key move in a rook-and-bishop endgame to keep the balance (45. To many people, he’s the best to ever play the game, although GMs Garry Kasparov and Bobby Fischer remain in the conversation. His chosen subject was 'The World Chess Championship' and for a while his score of 7 held the worse ever record for a specialists subject. Carlsen was born in Tønsberg, Norway, on 30 November 1990, to Sigrun Øen, a chemical engineer, and Henrik Albert Carlsen, an IT consultant. After a tie for third place in January at Wijk aan Zee, Carlsen put together a handful of major tournament victories in 2011.

After obtaining his second GM norm one month later, Carlsen took part in a blitz tournament in Iceland. Remarkably, Kasparov was fortunate to escape with a draw. If he continues performing the way he has, Carlsen could create something truly legendary. In June, Carlsen won Bazna Kings 2010, going undefeated with 7.5/10 and a 2918 performance rating. A two-game match to decide the title resulted in two draws, and Ostenstad retained his national title because he had the superior tiebreaks in the tournament. The annual tournament, held from 2008 to 2010, was a double round-robin event that featured six super grandmasters. No spamming, advertising, duplicate, or gibberish posts. It was an even fight throughout most of the 12 games, which all ended in a tie. By winning the rapid playoff, Carlsen defended his world championship title yet again. Despite the close match in the Finals, Carlsen yet again proved that he is the most dominant player on the planet. Perhaps more time as world champion; more world titles across blitz, rapid, and emerging forms of chess like Fischer Random; more titles in elite tournaments like Wijk aan Zee and Norway; more time spent as the top-rated player in the world. He achieved his highest official rating of 2882. I actually think I could have done better myself. In November 2010, Carlsen withdrew from the world championship cycle. They include achieving a record sixth victory in Wijk aan Zee at Tata Steel 2018, winning the unofficial Fischer Random Chess Championship, placing second at the Grenke Chess Classic, winning Shamkir Chess, finishing second at the Biel Chess Festival, and tying for first in the 2018 Sinquefield Cup. Carlsen scored 11/15 points to win the world rapid championship half a point ahead of Caruana, Anand, Aronian, and Morozevich. In one year (2000), his rating increased more than 1,000 points, from 904 to 1907.

), The Second-Youngest GM In History (2004 To 2009), The Youngest 2800 In History (2009 To 2012), The 16th Undisputed World Champion (2013), Achieving 2882 And World Titles In All Time Controls (2014 To 2019), withdrew from the world championship cycle, Carlsen became the world champion of chess, 10 most exciting world championships of all time, defend his world titles in rapid and blitz, Carlsen defended his world championship title, Carlsen won the 2018 World Chess Championship in a playoff, Ruy López Opening: Morphy Defense, Closed, Martinez Variation, Queen's Pawn Opening: Symmetrical Variation, Ruy López Opening: Berlin, l'Hermet, Berlin Wall Defense, Ruy López Opening: Morphy Defense, Breyer, Zaitsev Hybrid Variation, Sicilian Defense: Open, Sveshnikov, Chelyabinsk Variation. He beat Karjakin on tiebreaks to win Bazna Kings 2011.

He secured three IM norms that year, at the age of 12, to claim his IM title in August 2003. No vitriolic or systematic personal attacks against other members. Grischuk won the world blitz title, and Nakamura overtook Carlsen (who lost 35.6 rating points in the event) as the highest-rated blitz player in the world. No cyberstalking or malicious posting of negative or private information (doxing/doxxing) of members. Then, in the fifth game, Carlsen castled queenside on the white side of a Marshall Gambit sideline. This forum is for this specific player only.

Carlsen’s remarkable 2009 ended with the London Chess Classic, a strong invitational tournament for the world’s top grandmasters. Carlsen’s dynamic play made his match with Anand one to remember. Anand missed chances for a better attack while Carlsen defended well. This was beaten in 2016 when Kadeena Cox only got three correct on the chosen subject of 'Arsenal F.C. Early in his chess career, Carlsen was coached by Norway’s top player, the seven-time national champion GM Simen Agdestein, who with former Norwegian junior champion Torbjorn Ringdal Hansen helped Carlsen hone his talent quickly. See something that violates our rules? A rapid portion concluded the event, which Carlsen finished in fourth place, but overall, it was enough for a full-point win ahead of second-place finishers Caruana and Aronian.

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