It was home to the kingdom of Kamarupa (3–12 AD), ruled by Varman's and Pala's from their capital's Pragjyotishpura (Guwahati) and Durjaya (North Gauhati). They were able to regain their kingdom. Legends of king Naraka, Bhagadatta and Vajradatta has considerable part in Indian mythology. The food of Western Assam is homogenous to a certain extent with nearby eastern states of West Bengal and Bihar. These back and forth invasions were a result of a system of alliances that pitted the Kamarupa kings (allied to the Maukharis) against the Gaur kings (allied with the East Malwa kings). Pala dynasty come to end with Jaya Pala (1075–1100).[10]. Sl.No Code District Headquarters Population (2011) Area (km²) 1 BK Baksa Mushalpur 953,773 2,400 2 BP Barpeta Barpeta 1,693,190 3,245 3 BS Biswanath Biswanath Chariali 5,80,000 1,100 4 BO Bongaigaon Region served as capital of ancient Kamrup kingdom till its end,[9] centered around modern Kamrup region. In the early part of second millennium, Islam arrived in the region with Turkish and Afghan invaders. Jappi (traditional hat), toys made of clay, cork, wood and bamboo. [12] In certain areas the breakers of the "bhatheli-ghar" come from another village, resulting in a sort of mock fight between them and the local youth. Hindu way of life can be observed in dressing, food and lifestyle, an important aspect of cultural identity for people of the region. It is known as "Bhatheli" in northern Kamrup, "Sori" or "Suanri" in southern Kamrup. In the southern part of Kamrup, where the festival is known as Sori, planting of tall bamboos is not seen, but bamboo posts,with the tuft at the top. The ethnic composition of the region is diverse. His son, Susthitavarman (590–600) came under the attack of Mahasenagupta of East Malwa. Diglipur is a nice place of tourist importance in North Andaman Islands, located in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Mayabunder is situated in the Northern part of middle of Andaman and Nicobar Islands that is Middle Andamans. Baksa 953,773 2. (, harv error: no target: CITEREFSharma1978 (, "In the Battle of Itakhuli in September 1682, the Ahom forces chased the defeated Mughals nearly one hundred kilometers back to the Manas river. Hindu caste composed of Kamrupi and Goalpariya people are majority. Bodo, Rabha, Koch are other minority languages used in tribal belts. Pushyavarman (350–374) named after Pushyamitra Shunga, became the first ruler of Kamrup as founder ruler of Varman Dynasty. Districts of Lower Assam Division are noted for the presence of temples of Ahom Dynasty. The folk songs of Goalpara region is known as Goalpariya Lokgeet, of Kamrup region is known as Kamrupi Lokgeet. [11], Durga Puja, Kali Puja and other Pujas; Diwali, Holi, Janmastami, Shivratri to name a few, are major festivals of the region. In the 4th century, the region was mentioned as Kamarupa (Western Assam) in the Prayag stone inscription along with Davaka (central Assam). Records of his land-grants have been found at Bargaon and Sualkuchi, while a similar relic of Indra Pala, has been discovered at Guwahati.

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