The Shetland and Orkney islands have the highest proportion of Viking descendants in the UK. The name Johnson the son of John, with English migration proceeded the name Johnston to America. She said: 'This naming pattern still remains in use in Iceland today but has been abandoned in Scandinavia in favour of family names, just like in the UK. Dunbar & Cockburn Y-DNA U106 to S5750 near Scottish localities. Eg, The first 'o' (in Thom) appears to be consistent with all languages. One of her higher-profile portfolio companies is Viking Air, which, in 2008, revived production of the Twin Otter airplane. For Republicans, the end game is Georgia and control of the Senate, US election: Fears at the Pentagon about the orders of all the President's men, Two Wellington men arrested after record seizure of 'date rape' drug believed to be imported from China, Covid-19: All the locations linked to Auckland's newest community case, US Election: Donald Trump is mad at Fox News again: 'They forgot the Golden Goose', Quiz: Morning trivia challenge: November 13, 2020, Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: November 13, 2020. A famous example from a 13th-century Icelandic saga, describing the Viking Age, is Egil Skallagrimsson, who was the son of a man named Skalla-Grim, she added. Crowland-Croyland, possible localities of Alfwold Elwald Ellot Elliot origins. douglasthompson , from Jax.FL U.S.A., has been a Family Tree Circles member since Sep 2009. is researching the following names: THOMPSON, ROCHE. Thompson;,+Thetford+IP24+1PW,+UK/@52.4068429,0.7847112,9.85z/. Naim's incredible Mu-So Qb takes you back to the good old days - where the music captivates and enthralls, rather that simply being something in the background. Clan Johnson Johnston Johnstone Johansen Johansson info. This suggests that Thomasson may be the first such spelling and that Tomson and Thomson should also be acceptable. There is a Thompson, UK of East Anglia, Cumbria; Elwold,Elwould,Elwood,Ellwood,Ellot, Daniel Elliott 1610 Ulster likely Catholic then Anglican, David Westfield, Greenville, SC, Turnpike Road GA, Polk Co, TN. >> Sign in or Sign up now for free to remove this ad! Pictured is Emma Watson (left) and Robert Pattinson (right). However, it seems unlikely that the Thomson surname was exported from Scotland to the North. She is a Thomson, after all. Then the Vikings came and settled there.". The 'th' sound in Thomson has a silent 'h' which is familiar to modern German, Norwegian (bokmÃ¥l), Swedish. The language of the Border Scots, is now Ulster Scots, of these Northern Counties of Ireland in which the Border Scots settled. Although the progenitor name, Thomas, is older and there is a suggestion that the surname has a more general origin: possibly a crusader surname. Given that the Vikings visited Scotland many times and that the royal families were often married to each other it isn't surprising that we take influence from them. I have Thomsons (from Banffshire, Scotland) in my family tree. [1][2][3], Disambiguation of common given names with this surname, Charles Poulett Thomson, 1st Baron Sydenham, Kenneth Thomson, 2nd Baron Thomson of Fleet,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "son of Thom", "son of Thomas", "little Thomas" (French), This page was last edited on 7 October 2020, at 14:27. Dunbar and Cockburn R-U106 & S5750 Y-DNA SNP, Elliot, Glendinning, & Little; R-L193 sub of L513, Ellot-Gordon fought in Battle of Dunbar 1650, FTDNA Greenspan Blankfeld Behar Hammer Estes Walsh, Genealogie Geographischer Name DNA Elliot, George Lawerence 1638 & Elizabeth Crispe 1636, Gorrenberry Elliot, Elwood, Ellwood, and Edwards arms, Graham Grantham “Ancient Roman” J-M267 DNA, Hambleton Buckinghamshire, Hamilton Cadzow, Hammelton Ulster, DNA, Hermitage Chronicles; Armstrong (Fairbairn) Elwald, John Elwald 1418 Rector of St Andrews; Conn, McConnell, McCall DNA Kirkinner Carnesmole, John Johns Johnsen Johnson Johnsson Johnston Johnstone, autosomal DNA, yDNA, family tree genetic genealogy, Kettlewell-Howden Linclonshire to Lothian, MacManus Belfast Co Down & Antrim to McManus Co Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland, MacNeill McNeil Argyll Cape Fear North Carolina. Erik Thomson, from 800 Words, appears in The DNA Detectives. "They didn't really like the fact I was getting shown around Shetland by an Englishman," he says, adding he had also visited the island with an Australian travel show. This name has likely Scandinavian roots. This name has likely Scandinavian roots. However, while his DNA did not turn up any shocks, Thomson says he still found the experience very confronting. Mag-Uidhir McGruire Maguire Fermanagh Ulster FTDNA DNA uploads. He now lives in South Australia with his wife Caitlin McDougall, who is also an actor, and their two children – Eilish, 10, and Magnus, eight. Some spellings drop the 'h' in Scandinavian variants. The Thompson, now consider themselves as a sept of Clan Armstrong, which says they stem from Fairbairn, north of border on east side, carrying I-M253. His doctor father moved the family to New Zealand in 1974 where the actor remembers his thick Scottish accent making him stand out from his classmates at school. Pictured is British comedian Josie Long, Made in Chelsea siblings Sam (left) and Louise (right) Thompson may be descendants of Scandinavian settlers. The 'th' and 'o' (in son) sounds are consistent with modern Nordic languages, although not really true of modern English. Brigham; this is the place for applying DNA to genealogy. Despite this I'm left wondering why people always spell my name wrong. The Thomson variant is simpler to spell and if one was lazy you'd think they'd default to that version (especially in Scotland). Etymology favours Thomson and there is also a stronger phonological basis for that variant; trying to spell the name as it sounds should at least lead to Tomson or Thomson but (most definitely) not ThomPson. Prior to the Crusades the name Thomas was found only as a priest name, but thereafter became one of the most popular male personal names, generating a wide variety of surnames. However, this pronunciation is strangely not used. I've spent a lot of time researching that and there were very few surprises," he continues. cushion cut engagement rings Clement’s Hob, ie Robert Elliott, Clement Crozier’s sister’s son. All Rights Reserved. Names which refer to a personal characteristic were also common among Vikings, such as 'Long', 'Short', 'Wise', 'Lover' and 'Good.'. Son (literally a male child of the prefix name). THOMSON, i.e. To get the DNA to correlate well, one has to go back first to the Gaelic Speaking Scotti, of Agyll-Antrim, in order to get it to correlate and make it useful with the genealogy, the “Mc/Mac”, “Neil”, “the O’ people”, “Campbell” and variants thereof.

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