eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'watersportgeek_com-netboard-1','ezslot_11',112,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'watersportgeek_com-netboard-1','ezslot_12',112,'0','1']));However, particular practices within the sport may be the result of moving it into the “extreme” category in the first place. While most of the sporting events are taking place on land and many of them in an enclosed area, surfers enjoy surfing in a vast ocean. While the law acknowledges that surfing, like so much other California stuff, actually came from somewhere else -- in this case Hawaii -- it also makes the case that California revolutionized the art of shooting the curl and hanging 10. Another good example is cycling. As mentioned before, surfing becomes most dangerous when adding competition or big waves. This truly shows the extreme danger and unpredictability of big wave surfing. Why does the competition exist if the athletes don't need it to make money? When I write about surfing I often use the word sport in quotes because I strongly believe that surfing is not a legitimate sport. Andersen was influential in this trend. So grab a board, catch a wave and again as the Beach Boys like to say, find yourself, "sittin' on top of the world.". If you're a professional surfer, competing is optional. Sponsors clearly feel these athletes are more lucrative when viewed as stereotypical "surfer chicks"—with a strong emphasis on chick—rather than professional athletes. Particularly, identifying a winner. Surfing, sport of riding breaking waves toward the shore, especially by means of a surfboard. Our goal is to have fun, not to score points. When watching the above video, the pure power, velocity, and brutality of big wave surfing are inescapable. Surfing involves riding ocean waves with a surfboard. In a study that can be found in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, the relative frequency and pattern of surfing injuries were assessed. It is a one form of exercise also that offers many health benefits including burning calories, strengthening lower body muscles, and improving the body’s balance. With randomly breaking waves and speeds of up to 30 mph (48 kmh), wiping out at dungeons has been known to push surfers 30 feet / 9 m underwater. But, it is also true that we play many sports as fun whenever we get some free time. Cycling is a competitive Olympic event. (Here is a very similar video featuring this season's fourth ranked athlete, Sally Fitzgibbons.) Those are all decent sums, but the clothing and apparel industry that banks on the surfing culture is far, far bigger than the actual professional surfing economy. Surfing. And here the confusion remains and so is the debate. Dungeons, South Africa – Dungeons, which sees its biggest break during winter months, and usually only once a year, is the home of the Red Bull Big Wave Africa competition. As we stated already, Wikipedia believes that winning in a competition means achieving an objective. It's magic. And if you haven't started listening by now -- and you live in California -- perhaps it's time you did. So, is surfing a sport? Dane Reynolds, a guy who basically just travels around the world and gets photographed surfing, was the second highest-paid surfer. But personally I don't think anything is a SPORT if the winner is decided by a set of judges. So please indulge me because it will come up more than a few times if you kindly spend a couple minutes here. The competition is optional. In the recent, COVID-19 pandemic, definitely it’s not a desirable thing to happen on a scenic sandy beach. But I’ve come to believe that, due to the nature of our “sport”, we shouldn’t be wasting our time coming up with numerical excuses to justify who is the best surfer. Can surfing be done professionally and as a competition? Now, in terms of gender equality, a $100,000 difference is a lot, but it's not NBA vs. WNBA money. Below Are a Few Strong Arguments That Substantiate That Surfing Is a Sport Rather Than a Pastime Activity. Why? So in conclusion, yes, surfing is without a doubt considered to be a sport. Which state lays claims to surfing as its sport doesn't bother surfers all that much, said Moore, who has surfed all over the world. However, it would not be the result of a badly executed skill from the individual, which is why they are not considered sports (extreme or otherwise). Indeed, Huntington Beach now calls itself Surf City and is home to the Surfers' Hall of Fame and the International Surfing Museum. However, we found some sort of problem with Wikipedia’s definition. Why do we compete? In Redondo Beach, there is a bust of George Freeth, hailed as California's first surfer after he began dazzling local crowds with his wave-riding skills in 1907. They preferred the creativity and self-expression of “soul-surfing”—riding waves purely for the purpose of communing with nature. Is surfing an activity performed in a controlled environment? It isn't the Tour. Is Scuba Diving Dangerous? With waves reaching up to 78 feet (the biggest recorded wave to be surfed), riders can experience speeds of up to 80 kmh / 50 mph. All of that usually happens in a controlled environment, and is based upon a set of rules to ensure that all the competitors have the exact same conditions of performance. Get the latest breaking news delivered straight to your inbox. What's especially weird though is that the people on the Tour aren't necessarily the world's best surfers. Surfing competition is based on guess-work and opinion, improvised rules and corporate interests. But is it a sport? In 1982 the General Association of International Sports Federations recognized the ISA as the world’s governing body of surfing. Another study discusses the risk of competitive surfing as a whole, due to the dynamic nature of the sport. It's a question that has floated around in my head since high school. It says something like a sport is an activity that requires the participant’s physical strength, skill, and that activity must be competitive in nature. They start with the World Championship Tour, surfing's most prestigious competition, which has started to look more like a strange fashion advertisement than an actual sporting event. This competition marked the official birth of the sport of surfing… While Hawaii remains the spiritual home of surfing, surfers appear wherever waves break, from Norway to the Antarctic, from the Mediterranean Sea to Lake Michigan. -Our field is the most unpredictable environment on the planet: the ocean. You could confuse the female athletes, those at the very top of the competitive circuit, with bikini models. Surfing is a sport that is often considered as much an attitude or way of life as it is a sport. Hitting water from a height of only 50 ft (about 15 meters) can result in the same situation as hitting concrete. Surfing is usually done in the ocean, but developments in technology … First published on August 21, 2018 / 8:44 AM. Surfing is an outdoor water sport which is predominantly conducted on the shores of oceans and seas. Taking special note of the video at 4:35 minutes, the sheer untamed nature and high speed that a large wave possesses highlights why it is so dangerous. However, the news creates a mixed reaction among general people around the world. It's an opportunity to see some of the world's best surfers. The IOC confirmed this recognition in 1997 and admitted the ISA into the Olympic movement. Best Guest Blogs in India, Tech, Fashion, Food, Travel, Finance, Lifestyle, Write For Us, Submit a Guest Post – Free Guest Blogging Websites, Reasons Why You Have To Pay A Higher Premium For Life Insurance Than Others, How Casting & Mouldings Make Halloween Extra Spooktacular, How to Make Your Business a Safe Place to Work, Explore “The Big Apple” with Delta Airlines Flights to New York, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yeF_0sFOGE. Legitimate competitive sports were built around competition and were born from the human need to challenge ourselves and others. Think about it: outside the very small competitive world, we don’t score points, we don’t have a clear goal and we don’t even know exactly why we spend so much time and energy to enjoy a few minutes of real wave riding. It's a problem with many action sports that began and continue to thrive as hobbies. "We had a lot of aerospace technicians who were into surfing, and they developed new shapes for surfboards that turned the sport into something of a pop cultural phenomenon.". Professional surfers earn money from the prizes awarded at competitions, from sponsorship by surfing-equipment manufacturers and retailers, or from performing as “editorial surfers” in photo or video sessions showing them surfing in beautiful or interesting locales. Combining both skilled tricks, huge tube rides, and massive waves, this is one of the most impressive competitions to watch. Mentioned above as one of the harshest waves in the world, the Mavericks competition includes 24 of the world’s best big wave surfers and takes place between November and March.

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