vOut = vOut.toLowerCase(); ''[But] I'm not too keen on making high-strength glucose wine with added sugars and then diluting it back with water.''. The best cider I ever had was in this tiny Basque bar in Aragon, home-made stuff by all accounts with plenty of sand in the bottom. Repeated exposure to the finished drink would almost certainly have had an effect in the long term. John Thatcher, chairman of the UK's National Association of Cider Makers , said: "I have spent a lifetime making cider, enjoying a regular glass or two, and now I can enjoy it all the more knowing it is helping to keep me healthy. A half pint of cider deliv­ers the same amount of antiox­i­dants as a glass of red wine. no-one drinks more than the recommended daily intake of alcohol, Cider isn’t for wimps any­more; once the hooch of choice for men of war and pol­i­tics, hard cider is final­ly get­ting back to its roots and regain­ing its well-deserved pop­u­lar­i­ty. Page created in 0.082 seconds with 21 queries. pint."​. after all, an apple a day is supposed to keep the doctor at bay - I've been told by several people that cider is exceptionally bad for you - i.e. Bulmer named the cider after “one of England’s greatest knights” Richard de Clare, whose nickname "Strongbow" was believed to be derived from his heavy reliance on archers during his campaigns in Ireland. time by the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, showed that the Cider Makers​, said: "I have spent a lifetime making cider, Until now there has been little in the way of scientific We have 3 refreshing varieties of Strongbow cider in the UK. dataLayerNews.related_tags = sanitize_gpt_value2("Nutrition, Alcoholic beverage"); Cider-making is more akin to winemaking; it is not brewed like beer and is not necessarily sweet or sparkling. 19-Jul-2008 at 13:18 GMT. centuries that cider in moderation was good for you and it will be © 2009 - 2020 The Clymb. wine, BRI scientists found. At its core, cider is easy to make — and can be enjoyed rel­a­tive­ly quick­ly after it’s been fer­ment­ed. } sales surged after the health properties of the drink were It's dry and clean on the finish and, although not complex, is refreshing and even better with braised pork. Yep, we're in the midst of a cider revival. WILLIE SMITH'S ORGANIC APPLE CIDER, $5, 330ML. Visitors to the cellar door wanted something sweet and bubbly but the cider did sell, thanks to sommeliers and aficionados. Commenting on the research, Dr Caroline Walker of Brewing such as the UK, Scandinavia and France, as well as the US and, the health benefits of the drink in the hope that it will raise A lot of cider produced in Australia contains about 50 per cent water, and loads of sugar. The latter is slightly cloudy, with plenty of bubbles, and is utterly complex. And there it was. privacy policy. Today, however, liquor outlets accommodate umpteen local and imported ciders. { var reg = new RegExp('\\W+', "g"); Back in November the branch announced it would be selling beer to customers in a brand spanking new in-store bar. you wheezing? Try with a bowl of mussels cooked in some of the cider with loads of onions. I drink almost nothing but cider, so that's slightly worrying to me, but I've never got a decent explanation from anyone of what's bad about it... just vague assertions that it rots your stomach and makes you go mad, so I'm not sure if they're just talking rubbish. In the past, various odd items were added to it to get things moving along - sometimes includine large lumps of lead. They are not ciders. Plus, it's great to drink on a hot day and great with food.''. Dietitian Victoria Taylor wrote on the British Heart Foundation website: If you want to eat avocado regularly, you will have to think about the rest of your diet a bit more carefully. As you may remem­ber from our 6 Ciders That Don’t Suck post, some ciders are aged in oak bar­rels, oth­ers are infused with molasses and still oth­ers are to be served at pre­cise­ly “44 degrees Fahren­heit.” These are the tasti­est, most com­plex of ciders, and also the most dif­fi­cult to make. Outside North America, "cider" is always alcoholic. will keep the doctor away. STRONGBOW DARK FRUIT 0.5% is an ultra low alcohol, Dark Fruit flavoured cider. LET'S GO BACK IN TIME. It has a delicate nose with freshly crushed then bruised apple notes; it's earthy with a whiff of molten candle wax, perhaps from the skins, yet not overly tannic on the palate. SMALL ACRES CYDER SOMERSET STILL TRADITIONAL DRY CIDER 2011, $17, 750ML. DO NOT accidentally buy the non-alcoholic version. James Kendell, from Small Acres Cyder in Orange, NSW, says he remembers his Bristol-born wife Gail saying: ''Why don't you drink cider? Gail grew up with that and we're thinking, 'Yay, we're bringing proper cider to Australia.' For Toohey's Five Seeds, you add cane concentrate with apple concentrate that has been imported from New Zealand. Strongbow was launched in England by H.P. A wonderful aperitif or with grilled prawns. antioxidants found in the drink are rapidly absorbed into the blood She just couldn't understand it,'' he says. A winemaker by training, Behn Payten is making some cracking ciders, especially his two methode traditionelles, which are made with a second fermentation in the bottle, a la champagne. Restaurants, bars and pubs are expanding their cider range, and cider bars are popping up. Sami is a Northwest native, coffee enthusiast, perpetual observer and organizer extraordinaire. has the same levels of antioxidants as red wine.​, "It is clear that cider has a good dose of antioxidants, and

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