US$ 4099. 2020 Ducati Superleggera V4 Review – First Ride, The Clash of Two Super Middleweights: KTM 890 Duke R vs. Korean manufacturer Hyosung describes the GT250 as, "…the state-of-the-art naked bike." The new Single is oversquare and revvable to 10,700 rpm, with a 12:1 compression ratio. Hyosung gt300r Top speed and mileage. At 8000 rpm, you’re enjoying a reasonably smooth 87 mph cruise. That is an apt description for this stripped down and reduced-power version of the GT250R. Put on the brakes and you’ll engage the 300 mm, semi-floating double discs with two-piston calipers in the front and the 230 mm, single disc, two-piston caliper in the rear wheel for ample stopping power. But then you remember the clutch is so juddery it’s hard to make a smooth launch. I saw the Ton indicated one night on a deserted freeway. © Copyright TopSpeed. Track Showdown: 2019 KTM 790 Duke “R” vs 2020 KTM 890 Duke R, Bagger Battle: Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special vs. Indian Challenger Limited, 2020 KTM 1290 Super Duke R Review – First Ride, 2021 Ducati XDiavel Range Gets Euro 5 Updates, But Not in North America, Steel tubular trellis perimeter main frame & Steel tubular assembly sub frame, 300mm petal-shaped spoke mounted single disc, 4-piston caliper, stainless steel hose, 230mm petal-shaped disc, 2-piston caliper, stainless steel hose, Aluminum swingarm with gas charged hydraulic shock absorber; adjustable spring preload. What’s up with Hyosung? The best part of the GT250 is the price: MSRP is $3,799. Looking for that real sportbike feel in a first-time bike, Look no further than the GT250R. Grand Douring? You really keep wanting to like the purposeful and handsome little Hyosung, but it keeps providing reasons for you not to – subtle ones you might not care about if you hadn’t ever ridden a Honda CBR300 or a KTM 390. We got about 62 mpg on the GD, whose claimed 2.9-gallon tank should be good for almost 180 miles. Keep reading to know more about Hyosung GT250. Firm but not too firm, and more compliant than many bargain-bike suspenders until the road becomes really decrepit; at that point, at least the bike’s light weight helps. It’s a good entry-level bike to get your motorcycle license, and if you get a pair of these, you can do some couples or parent-offspring weekend getaways. The new GD is far more compact. The gearbox doesn’t help: Its throws are a bit long and clunky, and it seems like it needs at least a little clutch for every shift, up or down. The slight loss of power is accompanied by a serious loss of weight at least: The new bike registered 356 pounds, wet, on our scales (very close to Hyosung’s 352-lbs. property of the respective owners. 655 mm (25.8 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. Korean manufacturer Hyosung describes the GT250 as, "…the state-of-the-art naked bike." We’re still fuel-injected, but now feeding power through a six-speed trans instead of a five-speed. Is this thing from North or South Korea? They are so inexpensive, though, that doesn’t really matter. Because it’s hauling only 375 pounds of curb weight, the 249 cc engine can deliver low and mid-range torque to give you a spirited ride that would be loads of fun on twisty roads. I don’t like it, but then, I’m way beyond entry-level bikes. It probably has enough get-up-and-go to get him out of trouble, but not so much that it’ll get him into trouble. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. With a new-for-2015 sport headlight and instrument cluster and GT250R-inspired LED tail lamp, the GT250 is the see-and-be-seen version of its predecessor the GT 250 Comet. Unlike some others in its entry-level class, which are more “standard” motorcycles, the GD wants to be a small sportbike: Its clip-on handlebars clip on below the top clamp, its footpegs are high and tight, and its seat is not a sofa. On this bike, you’re at WOT about 80% of the time, so why make your wrist swivel that far to get there? If you just want to ride a motorcycle around, those racy ergoes grow old much quicker than a bike like a Honda CBR300R. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. The little Single already has a pretty throaty exhaust thump, but we’re tempted to drill another couple 16mm sphincters in its stainless rectum. Which makes you wonder, what kind of oil is in there? Is it a threat to national security? Semi floating double discs, 2 pistons calipers. Pictures, trademarks and logos of third parties are the exclusive It might make a good entry-level bike just because of the low price, but I would be scared to ride it around wound up to 10 grand rpm. Get price quotes for Hyosung from local motorcycle dealers. The new thumper made 23.44 hp at 8900 rpm on the dyno, to the old Twin’s 25.2 at 9700 last time we sampled one. A preload adjustable, progressive linkage hydraulic mono shock mounts in the rear swingarm suspension. Heck, for $200 less, if we’re not worried about playing the offbeat-manufacturer card, I like the faster, nicer Benelli TnT 300 Twin we rode a few months ago. © 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. If it had moving parts, it had Allyn's interest from a very early age. With top speed around 100 mph, you can cruise on the highway and still have enough oomph left to get out of harm’s way. Related Searches: 2012 kawasaki ninja 250r top speed, kawasaki ninja 650r 2012 top speed; new motorcycles. Aluminum swingarm, racy chain adjuster hardware and steel brake lines are all upscale for the baby Hyosung. Those spacers between the footpeg carriers and footpegs can be removed to place the pegs further forward. We did get a brochure, and it uses all the right buzzwords: mass centralization, stressed member, steel trellis frame… judging from the specs, the GD’s liquid-cooled 249cc Single is an all-new unit, since the pre-existing GT250R is powered by a V-Twin. ", "These bare-bones bikes are growing on me. My husband and fellow writer, TJ Hinton, says, "It looks like about what I would expect from a Korean manufacturer, just based on the body styling. The reduced unsprung weight afforded by the 41 mm inverted forks makes for a responsive front suspension that absorbs the bumps and keeps the 17-inch wheel in contact with the road. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. Its new GD is way better than the old GT, but the enemy has moved on. Enter your ZIP code below to get a free insurance quote. I might get one for my son because it’s lightweight and easy to handle. With a little 249 cc engine that you really have to wind up, it’ll go screaming down the road sounding like a pissed-off weed-whacker is chasing you. The aerodynamically stunning, race-inspired GT250R features an air/oil cooled V-twin high output DOHC 8 valve engine, race tuned suspension, inverted forks and a gas charged shock absorber that make riding a blast. If there’s a marketing department, it’s a secretive one that’s careful not to divulge sensitive information. At 188 kg, the GT250R is a bit on the heavier side, which results in a relatively lower top speed of 140 kmph. 22.7 Nm (2.3 kgf-m or 16.7 ft.lbs) @ 8000, 3.02 litres/100 km (33.1 km/l or 77.89 mpg), Swing arm with Progressive linkage Hydraulic Mono shock absorber, Double disc.

Top speed: 69 mph ~ Bore x stroke: 73 x 59.6: Valves per cylinder: 4: Fuel system: Electronic: Fuel control: Twin/Dual Overhead Camshaft System: ... Hyosung GD250R Specifications – Picture Gallery – Wiki – Manual. The taillight is a snazzy LED unit, but the front brake switch that activates it wasn’t plugged in on our test unit. With the GD, there’s not much payoff in “gassing it.” The Single needs 7000 rpm to break the 20 horsepower barrier, and the torque curve on the way there’s a bit jagged. 2-Year Limited – 1st year parts & labor; 2nd year parts only. ", Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. Hyosung's profilation of this bike: Looking for that real sportbike feel in a first-time bike, Look no further than the GT250R. You won’t get that throaty V-twin sound, though. And really, that’s the problem: Hyosung seems to be perpetually fighting the last war. Sharing the aerodynamic, race-inspired lines of the GT250R, the GT250 has minimal bodywork, making it a no-nonsense approach to an entry-level bike. 2012 hyosung gt250r top speed. has been Would a few quarts of the expensive stuff help? Powered by a blacked-out, 249 cc, air-and-oil-cooled, 75-degree V-twin engine mated to a five-speed manual transmission, Hyosung wants you to really wind this baby up to give you 27.6 horsepower at 10,500 rpm and 15.5 pound-feet of torque at 7,000 rpm. It’s a big fashion-forward move from the previous GT250R, and some of the hardware looks determined to back up the sportbike claim.

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