If the judge ordered a child support amount different from the state guideline, you will instead need to fill out the Non-Guideline Child Support Findings Attachment (Form FL-342(A)). California Child Support Laws Calculating Parenting Time Percentage Modification of Child Support ... Cohabitation does not automatically terminate spousal support . There are many good reasons why a child support order might need to be changed. Look at the front of Form FL-300 to see if the court ordered you to serve any other documents. It registers the case in a national registry to help with child support enforcement. No need to navigate the legal waters alone, Law for Families is here to help! California Child Support: Noncustodial Parent FAQs, Superior Court of San Diego: Child Support FAQs. Can Child Support Take My Whole Paycheck? One copy will be for you; another copy will be for your child's other parent. The court, however, can still refuse the request if it finds changing the support order is not in the child's best interests. If the LCSA is involved in your case and support is the only issue, you will not be charged a filing fee. If deficient, your documents will be sent back to you for further completion. It is important to note that you must have a valid reason for requesting a modification. If your child turns 18 and they are still attending high school full time and lives with one parent, it will continue until they are 19 years of age or until they graduate, whichever comes first. You have to show that there has been a “change in circumstances” since the last child support order was made. California child support guidelines are based on the idea that the parent with whom the children spend most of their time already contributes a lot to maintain them and deserves a financial supplement from the other parent. The income withholding order – also called an IWO – is a court order that is served on your employer. If the parties signed a written stipulation (agreement), which was approved and signed by the judge, to a child support amount below the guideline amount, you can ask to change that amount at any time. You do NOT need to show a change in circumstances. Note that the COAP program never forgives the total amount you owe in arrears, but only reduces it. It is kept in a confidential file with the State of California. The original is for the court. You must then file the Proof (or Proofs) of Service with the court. Terminating a child support order completely, however, barring specific circumstances, is very difficult. You should contact the facilitator in court where the original child support order was filed. Go to your court hearing The facilitator can also help you fill out and file the paperwork you need to go to court. You may have to pay for an adult child beyond the age of 18 or 19 if you agree to do so.

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