If you’re looking for replacement sofa seat cushions, we’d recommend something a bit firmer. FS 6lb Recon Foam - a very firm grade, used for hard-wearing seats. The high-density foam is designed for those who don’t want to sink into their couch. The fiber (or memory foam) wrapping is generally 0.5 - 1.5" thick on the top and bottom of the cushion. As a general rule if the seat cushions feel “light” you are looking at a couch with a very short expected lifespan. From barstool cushions to custom made mattresses. It’s ideal for bar seating and stools, church kneelers, gym mats and other hard-wearing commercial furniture. Right now, 98% of the scrap materials we produce are responsibly recycled and our cardboard packaging is also 100% recyclable. Whoever you are, whatever it is you do, if you need replacement cushions our service is ideal! Upon order, please measure your item to the longest point on width x length x depth. It’s medium feel foam, ideal for sofa seat replacements providing comfort and resistance. It is used in marketing materials to describe virtually any foam from 1.8 density and up. Regrettably, we're unable to accept payment in the form of IOUs, hugs or promises to be our best friend. Higher densities (2.0 - 2.5) can be found on more expensive residential furniture. That's always fun! Please select all the ways you would like to hear from Foam Superstore: You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. Receive updates on the latest deals, designs and trends, See our Privacy Policy  and Official Rules for full details. For information about our privacy practices, please visit our website. High-density foam is regarded by manufacturers as foam with a density … Not suitable for sitting on! No, we can't replace your cushion covers. Essentially, it means that we have to work to strict quality control regulations when making our products (not that we wouldn't anyway). HD36 Foam - High Quality. https://foamsuperstore.co.uk/sofa-cushion-cover.html. It only takes a moment. Receive free next day delivery on foam, when you spend £25 and order before 9 am. This foam is a Luxury (High Density) medium feel foam suitable for domestic seating cushions of 4″ (10cm) or more in thickness. Updating your sofa cushions with Foam Superstore is a quick-hassle-free experience. © 2020 Simplicity Sofas. Whichever you choose, we only offer high density foam for sofa cushions. The Solution: Buy Choose from our vast collection of 12 templates and press continue. Our team offers expert advice on the perfect foam grade for you, contact us today. The most common foam density by far for residential seating is 1.8. With that said, for the sake of comfort, we still do recommend that you replace your entire set to maintain consistency. Pennsauk, NJ 08109 FS 30 Premium Soft Blue Foam - a very soft foam, which in the upholstery trade is usually used for back cushions and this grade is also used for soft mattress toppers. This, combined with Luxury Soft sofa back cushions feels fantastic! A sofa’s foam density is the weight of one cubic block of the foam cushioning. You can still browse our products during this maintenance, and items that you place in your cart before maintenance begins will still be there after we're done. Another important factor is whether the foam is HR (High Resiliency) which recovers its shape better after use. Then return to our website (providing you aren't already here). Higher priced couches generally use thick higher density foams with at least a 2.0 density. Although density does not pertain to the firmness of a foam cushion, it does correlate to the quality and longevity of that cushion. Here it's easy to order replacement cushions for sofas, chairs and more! When shopping for a couch always test the cushions by picking them up. products. Certainly not. If you don't ask, you don't get. The foam is dense enough and fills the upholstery nicely. To improve upon what they already have. “Value priced” couches will sometimes have cushions that are bulked up with several inches of polyester fiber around the foam core. We are ISO 9001 approved. Stockinette helps prevent foam misshaping and rolling inside the cover along the front and back edges. add an extra 1" to the depth of the cushion cover to ensure your cushion is properly filled out. Our products can be used for a wide range of purposes and we very much welcome creativity. It’s great for replacing your current couch cushions if they're beginning to feel uncomfortable. Our posts range from whacky and wonderful to somewhat serious and informative. The soy foam cushion … people with furniture cushion problems have them because manufactures use inferior High quality foam at Medium foam for regular or heavy use. If you want to get more than 5 years of use from your couch you will need to find a couch with a better quality cushion. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, HOW TO BUY NEW SOFA FOAM CUSHIONS CUT TO SIZE. Using advanced cutting machinery, we can make cushions for you in any size or shape. We get it, but consider this! Fill out your delivery details and we’ll get to work crafting the best sofa cushions you'll ever have the pleasure of sitting on. Many different people use our services. Firm. FS 6lb Recon Foam - a very firm grade, used for hard-wearing seats. #1: High-Density Foam. (2.8 LB/ft3 density with a 35LB ILD) HD36 High Quality Foam … Recycling is a good thing. If your sofa, chair, window seat or bed only gets occasional use, that’s a good opportunity to use lower quality foam. Actual foam densities will vary during the manufacturing process. The most commonly used foam density for residential furniture sold in the U.S. is 1.8. Select a suitable foam type: Choose from our range of foam grades with different levels of firmness and with suitability as outlined below.4. At the Foam Outlet we specialize in cutting replacement foam for your couch cushions. For example, if one cubic block of foam weighed 1 pound, then the foam would have a density of one pound. What is the difference between faux leather and bonded leather. Sofas, Sleepers and other upholstered furniture, Furniture Warranties - Tricks, Traps and Warnings. Remember the measurements that you were keeping safe? We cut to your exact size and shape, dacron wrap, and install your cushions same day, often times while you wait. Suitable for seating cushions 1″ – 4″ in thickness. It's a good idea to order dacron if you're replacing covered cushions. The foam is dense enough and fills the upholstery nicely. When ordering multiple replacement foam cushions for your sofa, make sure you only apply this option to 1 of the items or you will be charged an extra £15 per cushion. For example, you can replace certain cushions on the sofa which are causing you trouble. FS 30 Premium Soft Blue Foam - a very soft foam, which is used for back cushions and soft mattress toppers. As for high-density foam filling, people find it a little hard, but it … We would recommend you choose this option on replacement sofa cushions, as it makes it much easier to slide your new foam back into your cover. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here. Depending on the thickness of the foam, whether or not it is HR (High Resilience) and how much use the couch gets, a 1.8 density cushion will typically begin to lose its shape and resilience in 1–3 years. FS40 Luxury Reflex Grey Foam - a premium high-density foam with high resistance and a bounce-back touch.

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