Cattle in this area were wholly red with a white switch, similar to the modern North Devon and Sussex breeds. But the same adaptability and versatility that has made the Hereford breed the most widely used British beef breed in the world is enabling practical cattlemen across Canada to use them as straightbreds or crossbreds in virtually any environment. Mr. Stone came to Canada from England in 1831 and settled on 200 acres on the Puslinch Plains, south of where the city of Guelph now stands. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. We had straightbred Hereford feeders selling better than they had for 5 or 6 years last fall. Slowly but very firmly, the Hereford breed began to prove its presence in the cattle industry. One of their main accomplishments was the push and ultimate creation of a Certified Hereford Beef program. Frederick William Stone was a Warwickshire Englishman who is responsible for the introduction of the Hereford breed into Canada. Cattle Breeds - Hereford Hereford History The origin of the Hereford has been lost over time but it is generally agreed that it was founded on the draught ox descended from the small red cattle of Roman Briton and from a large Welsh breed once numerous along the border of England and Wales. JavaScript must be enabled to view this feature. The Hereford colour is characteristic, with the body colour varying from rust brown to a deep rich red. Recent imports of larger framed, later maturing strains of the breed make it even more versatile. Today the breed is available in many countries throughout the world. The Polled Shorthorn and the Polled Hereford breeds were established by locating and breeding the few naturally hornless animals to be found among the horned herds of Shorthorns and Herefords, first established as distinctive breeds in England. The average weight of Hereford bull is about 1200 kg while the average weight of Hereford cow is about 800 kg. The distinctive white face tends to dominate in crosses with other breeds. Depending on the level of nutrition and management, the breed can be produced as top-quality carcases ranging from heavy, marbled and fat, through to small, young and lightly finished. ...these are just a few of the words that practical cattlemen from across Canada use to describe Herefords. Of British origin, the Hereford evolved from the native red cattle of western England. They are well known for their vigor and longevity. Privacy Policy I don't need to baby them." Origin. But they are also pretty good for milk production and produce enough milk for their calves. Face, crest, dewlap, underline, switch and legs below the hocks are characteristically white. The characteristic color, red color with a white face and white markings, has been fixed for only a comparatively short time. Gradually, the type and conformation changed to less extreme size and weight to get more smoothness, quality and efficiency. Bulls are usually heavier than the cows. For further information contact the Australian Poll Hereford Society at: Locked Bag 7 Armidale  NSW  2350 Ph: (02) 6772 1399 Fax: (02) 6772 1615. Mature size, dystocia, temperament, foraging ability, feed conversion, hardiness all affect the amount of inputs required. • Review and Forecast of Beef Industry Trends on a Global Basis, Dr. Steve Miller: Director, Centre for the Genetic Improvement of Livestock, University of Guelph. It took a few attempts to get the right genetics as the first bulls suffered with poor feet and eyes and were not used to the Florida climate. Read more information about the breed below. Exact origin of the Hereford has been lost over time.

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