Hallo Rückblick! It’s a circle with the arrow pointing around 1 o’clock position. A sign of sim card chip is showing on my notification bar of my android mobile. The icon os in the upper right side of a galaxy s4 active, it looks like a little padlock with an exclamation point in the center of it. Actually, never mind, I figured out what it meant. Sie haben das Symbol das ich suche auf ihrem Bild! Factory locked phone. I have searched online as well as the Tech’s at Verizon and we can’t find any information on it. Her is a pic. I don’t even have time to do anything and do not have time to take a screenshot. I don’t know what the term “haptic feedback” means?? Please reload CAPTCHA. If you have come across this icon, do not panic, you are not in an active call and your monthly telephone payment is not going to be sky high. Hi… i got this icon on the top left corner of my samsung android phone that often pop up for few seconds and gone. with what looks like a finger pointing or a figure of a person in front of the three lines. For example, I put all of my regularly used Google apps under one Home screen icon. I have three different security camera apps that are also grouped under one screen icon. https://ibb.co/HKK3xJh Are you sure, you inserted your SIM card correctly? Merci. This icon aims to tell you that you have successfully made a screenshot on the screen of your phone by pressing a key combination. .hide-if-no-js { Furthermore, for more information and the complete list of the material icons, you can visit their official website. Is it a app notification? It has a function, known as Smart Stay. I’ve got one that looks like a finger pointing at three horizontal lines. Hoi, The star icon does not mean that your phone is world famous, not at all. Just appeared today on my home screen and cannot remove it or move to another screen. Weet iemand wat dit icoon betekent? On my call log a log with unknown and there was A in a circle next to the time.what does this mean? Let me know how to provide you the image for reference. Time limit is exhausted. Bear in mind that since the number of those icons is vast, we will focus only on the most unrecognizable ones, to help you understand them. Please help me to sort out the problem. first is zoiper (voip app), second is wifi hotspot, third is ?? At least this is a start, I myself had no luck when I contacted Kyocera back on January 3rd when the icon first appeared on my phone. There is an icon at the top of my phone that I have no idea what it is? This is normally the case, but a small check never hurts. How to customise Shortcut menu in SAMSUNG Galaxy J3 Orbit? Betreft vergrendelscherm Samsung telefoon; touchscreen functioneert niet meer. It says the text is delivered. Thank you :). Unknown bell icon in taskbar. We have issues with images/videos not downloading in whatsapp, until we restart the phone, My simple mobile android phone has a strange sidewise triangle I’ve never seen before and suddenly I can’t access my mobile network. When you tap that screen icon, it shows you all the apps in that group and you just tap the one you want to run. Make sure that this option is selected. You can turn it off from going in Settings>Data and switching Data Saver off. G is for GPRS(General Packet Radio Service) which you may as well be aware of by now and it is the slowest of them all. In settings》》battery》》Performance Mode is enabled! I haven’t seen it on any lists yet. It is a phone hand set with the word LITE coming out from the earpiece. It is a triangle with 2 arrows, up & down, inside of it. The E is the same technology, but in a more advanced and evolved form, called EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GMS Evolution. Do you have any apps with similar Icon running? Instead it aims to tell you that you have turned on a priority mode. You can search in Google for the full list of material icons. 6 I just got a Galaxy J3, and I am trying to get the “Anywhere” Icon to move to the 1st/startup home page. Hopefully you can help. Weet iemand wat dit icoon op het vergrendelscherm van een Samsung A50 telefoon betekent? I think that this icon may mean that you have received an sms message of some sort and have not read it yet. I cannot find this on the LG website nor in the manual. I have a screenshot of an icon but not sure how to upload it. I also can’t find it anywhere online. Apps. Has anyone seen this and how do you fix it. I hope the icon disappears by then. Hotspotting. https://www.reddit.com/r/GooglePixel/comments/ac5m0h/why_does_a_record_voice_over_icon_appear/. I have not seen this icon, but i do believe that it could be because of an application you might have installed. I believe it indicates that you tried to send SMS or another message, but it was not sent. It appears more often when the phone is in sleep mode for a long time, but sometimes when I use it. Was wie ein S um ein Bildschirm aussieht. Anyone have a clue? Basically, it’s the battery symbol with a circle inside with an elongated “S” across the circle. G, E and H Icons. https://ibb.co/en9PHU. Let’s begin! Once this type of connection is established, your Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) system will automatically update. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/9d/78/5c/9d785c58b13b60c44d6bed797839e073.png. What is the triangle symbol on my notification bar. Thank you very much! I can upload a screenshot if required. If they do I will let you know. Hallo. Both icons can be turned off from the Location settings on your device. Tengo un galaxy A6 y en la parte superior del lado derecho aparese un triangulo con 2 flechas una marca para arriba y la otra para abajo que significan supuestamente el telefono es 2018 me podriad explicar que es maraca que tiene internet pero no lo agarra espero tu ayuda gracias. This icon stands for the roaming service of your Android device, meaning that your phone has connected to another cell which does not belong to our own network. content://media/external/file/359054. In general, the letter N, around which there are two brackets on each side, they are either round or sharper. Please reload CAPTCHA. If you have this icon set up on your TV, then simply go over to YouTube and play a video and it will automatically appear there. Icon has three lines possibly stands for text? This icon basically means that your Android device is casting via wireless to another device that is connected on the network, like an Android smart TV for example. Hi, what is icon third from left, https://ibb.co/YBgmdxB It shows mostly on older Android devices. Können Sie mir sagen, auf dem Screenshot von „Rückblick“ auf die Frage nach dem Circle… da hat er im Screenshot ein Symbol- das dritte von links! Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Have you tried calling their support number to ask if they have sent you any data settings to install? This icon is basically the location icon, meaning that you have turned on either Google location, GPS service or some other type of location services. Hi, i uploaded a screenshot of an unfamiliar icon. Please upload it here: https://imgbb.com/. It will either open the “Anywhere” app, or do nothing. Please post photos that are uploaded on online sharing services where they will stay there more than one day. It looks like it could represent a keyboard but I haven’t found any icons to match and the keyboard icon for this phone pops up in the top left corner and looks much more like a keyboard. It says here that the icon image has expired. If you see lots of small figurines in the search results, then your Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) is well capable of reading emojis. This is the first time I hear of such Icon. Hello, are you charging the phone Wirelessly or via Fast Charge? I am curious to know what this little icon means. I have a Nokia 1 – Android 9 Pie. Let’s see how to activate and use it together. I just got a Galaxy J3, and I am trying to get the “Anywhere” Icon to move to the 1st/startup home page. I believe that it is some sort of account lock problem. It never happened before and I haven’t changed my settings. Are You able to identify the symbol? Thanks. I am unsure of what the symbols on the wifi signal is Our other articles on Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) can help you. Telstra branded Alcatel phone. It was located on the left side of the screen. Somebody knows what does it mean the circle in the screenshoot below in the status /notification bar? It appears to be a “history” symbol yet I don’t know of anything that supports that. Hi I was wondering what the icon is .on the left of the 45. Anybody know what this means? Das dritte von links oben im Statusbar! Thanks! https://www.howtogeek.com/282388/how-to-remove-chromecasts-notifications-from-your-android-phone/, http://sensorstechforum.com/forums/off-topic-discussions/, https://www.reddit.com/r/GooglePixel/comments/ac5m0h/why_does_a_record_voice_over_icon_appear/, How to Remove Yahoo Search Redirect on Mac, SpyHunter Download and Install Instructions, Decrypt (Recover) Files Encrypted by Ransomware (Without Decrypter), .lockbit Virus (.lockbit Ransomware) Removal and Recovery. Probably the most sought after icon by confused users, it means that you have turned on the NFC communication of your device. It is basically a square with mountain-like landscape inside. It means you have interruptions disabled. She restarted the phone and the icon was gone. I believe that your phone is in Roaming mode, that is what it could mean. It appears that this Icon belongs to your Samsung’s Data Saver Mode. Hi, I have a square with a phone in the bottom left corner… any thoughts? He has been researching, covering, helping victims with the latest malware infections plus testing and reviewing software and the newest tech developments. I’m as old as a rock, and not up to speed on this new age language!! dit is op een sony xperia 10 net nieuw ingesteld, https://ibb.co/0ZBMDMz was vergeten de link toe te voegen, https://ibb.co/BcP0LRH what is the heart rate sensor on the system try just left to battery icon … How to remove it boz camera is not working, There is a broken triangle with arrows pointing up and down inside the triangle. What it means to my status bar icon like this . Cannot find anything that explains this and it’s new within the last couple of hours. Beachb… thanks for your input. Can you tell what does it means of *stop left hand* icon shown on my notifications bar? We believe that its roaming issue. On the left upper corner of my Samsun S7, when I make a call, at the right side of phone icon, for a short time appears a flower icon, something like a daisy. The information from the dropdown notification bar no longer exists. If there’s a full page of icons between home and page icon is residing you may need to move an icon to make room for the Anywhere icon. What is this for? Hej In the top left corner of the handset in the screenshot there is a number 3. mi appare alla sinistra della barra di stato del mio samsung J7 un cerchio con all’interno mezzo busto di omino…. Depuis hier des chiffres défilent dans la barre de notification de mon téléphone Honor 6X et je n’arrive pas a savoir ce que c’est. I have a pixel 2XL. cosa vuol dire? Questions & Answers. Step 3: Factory reset your phone. So far this technology is being tested by most cell phone carriers, but it is already implemented by few of them. To do this, just type ‘Emoji’ or ‘Emojis’ into Google. HOLA! Haptic is a vibration felt whe an icon or key is touched. It shows usually on Samsung devices.

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