The thing is that many beings can alter reality, personally i think that Franklin is a little bit overrated. X-man and Franklin Richards VS Superman Prime and The Spectre! As a kid, he created a pocket universe. yes.xman and richards would be outted in strength but other than that they win.their powers are too different and hard to fight against, franklin richards and x-man the 2 most powerful mutants, muffin man, whenever u post, I always laugh when i see the little dancing michelangelo, it doesnt really matter specter would eat x-men for ther Telepathy have no effect on him. Spectre carries and takes it with ease. however in comparison to jupiter...planet earth is tiny. None of that matters. And no way that he would be more powerful than the Tribunal or other cosmic beings. With all the hype about Prime, I don't think he's beyond Franklin's reach. If he "must" show restraint than he isnt as powerful as you would like to believe. I mean he was killed in the future, besides the High evolutionary found a way to cancel mutant powers. There was rumors about him beating Michael, not Lucifer, when Prime tore down the gates of heaven. If after I think franking might still take it. Spectre was supposed to be living tribunals equal...if thats so then him alone could take tha other three. Yeah I think its a pretty good reason too. Ok how about this. If he can do that, he wouldn't need a GL ring to Solaris. The Big Bang. His Kryptonian DNA -- though diluted through centuries of inter-species breeding -- blessed him with incredible Kryptonian-derived powers; today's Superman's powers . He wasnt killed in another realities future (the one where hyperstorm is from) but he had a collar on, had to have been under utilizing his powers in another reality he becomes galactus so..... Other realities dont have baring on what will happen in the mainstream, they are just possibilities. Franklin Richards has tha power to manipulate reality by creating pocket dimensions. Where did the High Evolutionary do this? . String theory - The Theory Of Everything - says there's more than one universe. I see you saw tha show on PBS, Beyonder. n there isnt nething OUTSIDE the universe. . Franklin is also from outside of the DC universe. if the hulk can do it so can prime AND spectre. Archangel Gabriel & his brother Lucifer Morningstar only have half of there powere cuss its divided in themselves.they both have power to creat universes with ease but if both wanted they could creat power as Franklin he cant creat multiverses that would be like saying his more powerful then Thanos with the heart. And it IS physics. . Current Spectre is only near that power level. Cookies help us deliver our Services. . no matter how many universes franklin creates or manipulates, LT will know and in a snap of his cosmic fingers..he can destroy both franklin and all his doings. Franklin is just above a full-powered Galactus in terms of raw power, but Spectre is a freakin' beast and the Living Tribunal's counterpart. All his descendants do receive power from him; but not all need his powers as being part 5th dimensional Imp, they're powerful in their own rights. Prime never did such a thing. Anyway Franklin probably takes this extremely convincingly. And where was Spectre when Imperiex showed his Celestial/Galactus copy clowny ass in DC? dude it is a fool's errand to compare nate or franklin to the spectre force. Spectre and Superman prime win this one. If Franklin is unable to warp Prime could he not just use his powers to increase his own strength? SMP was immune to reality warping bit I think it was only the 5D imps warping and because he wasn't from the universe or something? Richards laughs at Kal Kent, then changes his atoms so that he explodes. Also the sun eater's power went beyond just eating the sun and they were a threat to the universe, and the only reason that hal had a problem fighting them was because he was powered down. Kal Kent is Superman 1,000,000 (not Prime). the spectre can do what ever he want but he has to get an ok from his og. Actually, 1 Million does get energy from Prime, but 1 Million also has Imp blood in him. I do wonder if LT would exist inside that pocket Universe simultaneously to its creation. Hal Jordan was Spectre for Some time wasn't he? Spectre can alter you soul. planet earth is enormous in comparison to a state, which is huge in comparison to a house. His Kryptonian DNA -- though diluted through centuries of inter-species breeding -- blessed him with incredible Kryptonian-derived powers; today's Superman's powers . By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. He is listed as the Wrath of god and that's it. Prime NEVER received this because it was his descendent who married a 5th dimension Imp and that line after (including 1 Million) inherited Imp blood/powers. can you imagine if we were tha size of beetles? Like you make it sound as if he could destroy the Living Tribunal if he wanted. Superman vs Franklin Richards Thread starter addikhabbo; Start date Aug 18, 2014; Who wins? This is Superman Prime, and Franklin is ruining everything... Before or after the amp? He's sooo powerful it isn't funny anymore, but hey, it's probably one of the strongest heroes ever, and certainly waaaay smarter than X-Man AND Franklin Richards together. If spectre was actually the tribunals equal then I would take that team. no actually, thas not true when ur talkin about universes, physically, a universe has no end{this is understood as a fact in physics}, only in terms of energy can a universe have a limit, concepts like beginning and end dont work too well when ur talkin about an entire universe, since it was the universe itself that created these concepts, neway, if you kept on travelling in the universe, ud probably be in for an eternal ride {although it is believed by some physicists that if u kept on going INFINITELY in one direction in the universe, ud probably end up where u started, because u can not just bounce out of existance itself. Superman-Prime might be able to win say, 3/10 considering retcon powers and speed. Spectre can do anything...but stop Anti-Monitor from putting him into a comma. when did Spectre get kiled by Hal Jordan? I still think prime can take out Franklin Richard without any real problem cuss every superman even One Million get there power from him.and another thing atom man can creat a subatomic pocket universe. You are indeed where you belong. If spectre is so powerful then how did he get killed by hal Jordan? Spectre is not completely invunerable, invincible, and all powerful. thas just like sayin that : because magneto has his damn helmet on, he can NOT be affected by any kind of telepathic attack. Superman Prime is no reality warper, Franklin Richards is one of the most dangerous reality warpers. LT on the other hand his description is well.......more descriptive. BUT FRANKLIN AS WE KNOW "COULD" CREATE UNIVERSES WITHOUT "ANYONE'S" HELP EVEN WHEN HE WAS A CHILD! it was a good show but tha string is a bit dumb if you ask me... yea beyonder it does, n i HAVENT said anything against the string theory, what does the string theory have to do with our universe beeing infinite in size!?!?!?!?!?! Superman Prime stomps Franklin 10/10. At what point in both these characters' timelines is the fight the most even and who wins? If you are talking about the kid franklin, yes maybe. He is all powerful, and all three are as bugs to him. Spectres got some power though. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. ANYWAY, both prime and spectar get their asses kicked by franklin. he doesnt need to create pocket dimensions. um from what i remember, when the dc GOD created the universe, he first created micheal and lucifer, micheal made all of space and lucifer made all the suns and TIME, thas how it worked. What do you mean easily? LUCIFER OR MICHEAL ALONE CAN NOT CREATE A UNIVERSE. (who by my understanding is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more powerful then spectre and parallax,Lucifer Morningstar who could basically withstand an explosion that could wipe out the whole multiverse). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Parallax is much like the SS in that he stores and channels energies. To answer this, NO. Well I thought he killed the guy who was spectre and then he took his place. the earth would seem to be tha size of jupiter since we would be so much smaller. Given his potential power I think he can beat Spectre and Prime . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! None on the scale that Franklin will. think of it as an infinite number of pancakes piled on top of each other, and each pancake having an infinite diameter. Superman is easily X-Man's superior. oh and yea, one more thing, prime IS more powerful than GALACTUS, i am well aware of superman PRIME'S powers but i still say that even nate can take care of prime, for one reason, even cable has the power to extinguish stars, and nate is even more powerful than cable, and as u said "prime became the SUN ITSELF. Of course there are things that Frank forsure and possibly nate two can do against him. Well in order for superman to defeat them all, hed have to be thinking too. did something that rendered all mutants powerless. Yes but one who can alter reality. You think hes more powerful than what as a child? >Superman of the 853rd Century was the ages-old descendant of the modern Superman. didnt prime defeat Lucifer Morningstar? So many mind was starting to believe all the shit that was posted in this topic. Franklin is below a cube...and so is X-Man. If before franklin takes it. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. another thing parallex was a lot more powerful than spectar, spectar tried{along with every other hero in marvel} to stop parallex from startin zero hour but parallex just swat them like flies. IIRC that's because he doesn't originate from the DC Multiverse and SBP was ridiculously amped or something. Franklin and X-Man can alter reality (locally) as much as they like, Spectre won't be affected because he really isn't confined to the rules of ANY reality. the only reason the spectre "isnt" seen to be tribunal's equal is becuase it was never part of his hyperbole. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Classic Spectre was equal. Wishing vengeance, he is made into new host of Spectre by Michael/Kali. yes prime alone can defeat X-man and Franklin Richards. What can Franklin Richards actually do, if he can only create an universe I believe Spectre could (even though he never would) do that too. Prime needed the GL ring to beat Solaris. I'd say the Spectres team wins, but Prime has no hardcore feats to carry his weight in this battle. Bah! I think Franklin is more powerful as a child. yea that is true but that was in an elseworld title, The red son to be exact. WTF happened to this topic? A histoy on prime if i may. Franklin's ability to manipulate reality is not limited to simply creating pocket universes. If someone could clear this up for me if be able to answer better. >Superman of the 853rd Century was the ages-old descendant of the modern Superman. So if some guy is 1/8 Kryptonian, he's gonna be as powerful as an average Kryptonian man, much less Superman, under a yellow sun? Their powers have abnormal advantages that are situational advantages...with a mix who knows wut could happen...really. also, size does not matter in a universe, physically, a universe has no end, its the very existance of a universe{in a reality different from the normal one} that tells u how powerful franklin is, hey n from what i know, the power to CREATE is a lot more than the power to DESTROY.

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