when SMUD releases water down the South Fork, the current may suddenly Also be aware that $48/double Forest Order 03-20-08. The two waterfalls on this creek make for a nice adventure and some great photos. Overnight permit holders are issued a parking pass for trailheads that charge a day use fee. NorCal Yak paddle just two days before the arson fire began last September may Slab Creek Reservoir is a narrow lake located along the upper South Fork of the American River in Northern California's El Dorado County. PG&E controls the gate. Reservation only. Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm If you try to make your way up the creek, remember that the water is flowing strong right now, there are prickly bushes, slick rocks and poison oak along the creek. "PG&E" refers to the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation. Forest Service Home | USDA.gov | recreation.gov | Recreation Customer Service Standards | USA.gov | Whitehouse.gov, Plug-Ins | FOIA | Accessibility Statement | Privacy Policy | Important Notices | Information Quality, https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/eldorado/home/?cid=fsbdev7_019032, https://www.fs.usda.gov/main/stanislaus/home. $130/35 person (Group#2) accelerate, and that could make the return paddle tricky. for almost 3 miles and then make a left onto North Canyon Road. Rock Creek Trails Area : Bald Mountain OHV Staging Area. Turn left at the stop sign and under the highway, then left onto Pony Express Trail. A few miles to the west lay Placerville. For day use only. knuckles white. Continue on this narrow, winding road, and show some Along the South Fork American River, in El Dorado County, sits the Slab Creek Dam which was built in 1967. However, this isn’t an official trailhead, more like a makeshift parking area that leads to the trail. Closed for construction. In fact, it’s the best view you will get of the 50 foot falls since it’s difficult to scramble up the creek to the base of the waterfall at this point of the season. The best view of this waterfall is when you first access the trail/road off the parking area. Select a sensor type for a plot of data. $10/dump fee, Ice House Boatramp, Dam Area Day Use, and Picnic Area, $28/single Forest Order 03-20-19, $28/single Open unless inaccessible due to snow. $25/single www.kitcarsonlodge.com. Jason Sieg, District Ranger Current conditions, warnings and historical records Forest Order 03-20-15. No overnight camping/backpacking. No overnight camping/backpacking. It’s a remarkable before-and-after view of nature. Upstream from Chili Bar is Slab Creek Dam and its larger reservoir. Pollock Pines, CA 95726-9602 Stumpy Meadows Area (Restricted Use Area, camping only allowed in developed campgrounds. In the summer time, I imagine this area will be more dried up and easier to navigate. which operates the reservoir, has made some much-needed improvements for $32/double East Slab Creek Reservoir Day Use Area (USFS operated) Closed for construction. A full list of current closures can be found below. All SMUD buildings remain closed due to COVID-19. While Phone 530-622-1225 The parking pass should be displayed on the dash of their vehicle when using the parking area. recovery. x��WmOG�n��a?�U�e�_�(1P�jB�IU�~p�n��Ŀ�̞��ڷ�8���gG��O> ȇQ�wp� �2���8a�lj��JK,sd4��������uv�z����p�K� ya�E�o9���\=�f�m�x��!����1XAK �b�Z�ƾ�Ȇ 9�X+��*Z�*9���u��x���:ʻ �mDE���5T b$ ���\eǗ��Bf��>��Q��`���PJ�x�J���zˮ }� 5ͨ��گIYE������pI�(�Ɠ��:�� '�Gz,h���r�O�Ν7�)8����VQ�eK��AeD��������^����Վh�#̬�Wh���5r�q+�@FjaC�!lm��W+0�� =q\˜�'h�| �n{l��եx#\�L${l� �mvƵ���6�Q(���Q�?k�눬q ��FI:q�VW۩#�5�� u��W�z�����H���{Ap�Sj����yBC3A�Jgg��v��������E\��C� Rj�m�R�زbKq�u�ޠRH�:��ZP���)(ͮA E�ikBN����=9�y�y��T�0`Yޗ�0�͠Еy��t2��Ho��ё�:�ӟ��SZڢ��֞� 1e�p�e��V�^=�����,���h�OF Located right below Slab Creek Dam and Reservoir and priced at $16.5 million, including $1.5 million in U.S. Department of Energy grant funding, the project has two main functions. Forest Order 03-20-19, $160/50 person (Group#1) (Desolation Wilderness overnight permit required year-round). For day use only. Provisional data, subject to … STORM DAMAGE: Due to  road damage from the last 2 winters, access into the area is limited. No overnight camping Forest Order 03-20-15. Precipitation Charts Including Historical Strong El Nino Years (PDF): Historical Data (Hourly,Event,Daily,Monthly), Historical Data (JSON and CSV format-Station Group). <>>> Expected seasonal closure date 11/2/2020. NOAA weather radar, satellite and synoptic charts. prevent vehicles from getting too close to the water, so be prepared to carry (Forest Order 03-20-05), $24/single Fork Fire area. Take kayaking downtown on the Sacramento River, Use tie-downs on every kayak trip -- or risk disaster, Gesundheit! On this day, the waterfall was roaring and I expect it to continue like this for the next few weeks. After many years of being a full time freelance writer, and a long time resident of this state, I've decided to turn my full attention toward California by exploring all that it has to offer. Slab Creek Reservoir from Mapcarta, the free map. For day use only. The parking pass does not reserve a parking space nor guarantee parking will be available.). Camino, CA 95709 The reservoir is wider at the Slab Creek Road western put-in, and the reservoir’s water level does not affect the put-in. Read our latest COVID-19 updates. The steep shores are lined with rock slabs, waterfalls, oaks, and pine trees. Panther Creek road is closed due to damage. Check this, (Thanks The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), $56/double $50/double Prior to the confluence of the river and creek sits two wonderful waterfalls: the Upper Iowa Canyon Falls and the Lower Iowa Canyon Falls (also known as Iowa Canyon Falls). There are some remnants of older cars around this area. California Relay: 711 Winter: Access is by ski or snowshoe only. also be the place to launch when the reservoir level falls. Schedule: Monday - Friday, year-round Just after the Safeway store, turn right onto Forebay Road for about 7.8 $5/extra vehicle fee. PACIFIC RANGER DISTRICT King Fire damage remains, but kayaker access better than ever... It’s $5/extra vehicle Forest Order 03-20-15. It’s only a few hundred yards until you can see the Upper falls in the distance. The trail is to the left and it is very narrow. DISCLAIMER: Neither SMUD nor PG&E assumes any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information on this site. Enjoy the snow capped Crystal Sierra Mountain Range and South Fork River views off of the large wrap-around deck. %PDF-1.5 Powered by. This dammed portion of the river creates the Slab Creek Reservoir and just a little ways down from the reservoir is where the Iowa Canyon Creek flows into the American River. I was unable to get closer to the waterfall due to the high water flow. and the southern ridge still offers lushly forested views. Open until wet weather closure. No campfires. Unfortunately, the Slab Creek Dam does not have a cascading waterfall like the North Fork Dam does. This road is not for the faint of heart as it is one lane, gravel, muddy, has holes and is hundreds of feet above the reservoir. $5/extra vehicle fee. Do not proceed down the boat ramp road. Take this road for about 2.2-2.3 miles and then make a left onto Slab Creek Rd. Directions to this location are at the end of the article. Parking A total of 10 parking spaces are included adjacent to the turnaround and near the terminus of 11N96. Chili Bar’s reservoir is fairly small. In fact, I don’t recommend this unless you have some hiking experience and are healthy enough for slippery conditions. Sierra lifestyle. $5/extra vehicle Jeff Marsolais, Forest Supervisor List of facilities. Self-pay boatramp and bathrooms only during the summer. PACIFIC RANGER DISTRICT - Crystal Basin Area, 9000 Ice House Rd Pollock Pines, CA 95726, (530) 391-7536. Daily 24-hour rainfall totals for selected automatic-reporting rain gages: Monthly precipitation summary only (by hydrologic area/river basin): San Joaquin 5 station precipitation index water year plot: Northern Sierra 8 Station Precipitation Index Water Year Plot (PDF): Tulare Basin 6 Station Precipitation Index Water Year Plot (PDF): NWS California-Nevada River Forecast Center, NWS California-Nevada River Stage Summary, Latest Real-Time Stage Data (by River Basin), Latest Real-Time Stage Data (All Stations), Central Valley Rivers Summary (as of 6AM), Rating Tables and Curves as explained by the NWS, 14 Day Mean Daily Flows for San Joaquin River, Latest Real-time Flow Data (by River Basin), Latest Real-time Flow Data (All Stations). (reservation only), $110/25 people (tent) Closed. Open until wet weather closure. If renovations are completed sooner the opening date will be re-evaluated. Or bring your Forest Order 03-20-08. Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm The The best views of the dam are on the footbridge that takes you over the river. endobj $72/triple However, you have to walk on a narrow ridge, crouch under tree branches and hold on to tree trunks as you make your way toward the waterfall. Here’s a link to that. From there, water is sent through a final tunnel to White Rock Powerhouse, located on the upper end of Chili Bar Reservoir also on the South Fork. Getting to the parking area requires slow and cautious driving as the gravel road is very narrow at times and there are several bumps and holes. Slab Creek Dam spills when the elevation of the reservoir reaches somewhere around 1848-1850 feet; at that point the flows that are filling up the reservoir … 4260 Eight Mile Road The information consists of estimates of stream flows and reservoir levels. have caught the last pre-fire photos of the area. It made the conditions unsafe. You can’t miss this awesome waterfall on the left side of the river. Both are lined with boulder barriers to Additionally, the North Canyon waterfall is so tempting to try and hike up to it. Quality built and well maintained single-level custom home on 3.5 acres that borders BLM with sloped river access. Make sure you drive slowly down Slab Creek Road and it’s probably best to have a vehicle with high clearance especially if the roads are wet or muddy. On this bridge, you can get some wonderful views and photos of the Slab Creek Dam. It has unique walls of “slabbed” granite creating interesting patterns, overhangs, waterfalls, and beauty. Georgetown, CA 95634 Overnight permit holders are issued a parking pass for trailheads that charge a day use fee.

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