Since it is really deep and big then I am pretty sure it'll never dry out, water for everybody! This page was last edited on 10 November 2020, at 23:25. Blocks found here The Desert Well's middle block of water is an infinite source, so players can draw water from these indefinitely. Minecraft Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Desert Wells spawn even if the "Generated Structures" option is turned off. The Desert Well's middle block of water is an infinite source, so players can draw water from these indefinitely. Skeleton, Zombie, Creeper, Enderman, Spider, Cave Spider, Witch They have a 1⁄1000‌[JE only] or 1⁄500‌[BE only] chance to be generated in any desert chunk, which makes them a rare sight. It always spawns in a desert biome. The well structure with the old textures. Desert well (& luck) Throwing A gold nugget into a desert well (the useless ones that are randomly generated) will give the achievement [Wishing Well] and will give the luck potion effect. In Bedrock Edition, desert wells have a chance to generate in a cluster between 16 blocks. Issues relating to "Desert well" are maintained on the bug tracker. Basin • Desert Temple • Desert Well • Huge Mushrooms • Iceberg • Ice Spike • Igloo • Jungle Temple • Moss Stone Boulder • Pillager Outpost • Ravine • Ruined Portal • Swamp Hut • Tree • Village • Woodland Mansion • Excavation Sites, Abandoned Mineshaft • Buried Treasure • Cave • Dungeon • End Portal • Fossil • Ruined Portal • Stronghold • Geode • Warden's Cabin, Ocean Monument • Ruined Portal • Shipwreck • Underwater Ruins • Underwater Geode, Bastion Remnant • Huge Fungus • Nether Fortress • Nether Fossil • Ruined Portal, End City • End Ship • Exit Portal • End Gateway • Obsidian Pillars, Brick Pyramid • The Indev House • Farlands • Glass Pillar • Obsidian Walls • Nether Spire (PE). The well's main purpose is to simply provide a decorative structure for a mostly plain biome. For Minecraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I found this weird well in a desert, what does it do? Desert Wells are structured similarly to Village wells, and have an infinite stream of Water in the middle. The Desert Well is a fairly rare structure found in Desert Biomes. First appearance Desert Wells spawn more often in superflat Desert worlds. Plus You know what's good? Desert wells generate only in desert biomes. The building material is Sandstone. Minecraft PC Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Wells serve as a source of water for the Player as Deserts usually contain little to no Water. Water, Sandstone Slabs, Sandstone Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It contains five blocks of water, four on the outside, and one in the center. It always spawns in a desert Biome. Desert wells have a 1 in 1000[Java Edition only] or 1 in 500[Bedrock Edition only] chance to be generated in any desert chunk. Well may refer to: Desert Well - a structure generated in desert biomes; Lava Well - a structure generated in nether fortresses; Village Well - a structure which can generated in any type of village (except in snowy tundra village) as meeting points. Guess it's not so normal after all. Rare A desert well A desert well is made of sandstone blocks and slabs. It is possible for a well to generate around a cactus. ". -not sure about that part … So if You love this desert well then blueprints are below :) It's a perfectly normal desert well, but increased to 3 times the size and bolstered with added details and life! Mobs found here The well structure still generates with the "Generate Structures" option disabled. The shaft of the well may extend several blocks down into the ground. Desert wells generate only in desert biomes. Large Desert Biomes have a better chance because they're 4 times as big. Found in It is made of Sandstone and Sandstone Slabs and is one of two water sources in deserts since 1.6.1; the other is the village well sometimes found in desert NPC Villages. Generated structures and terrain features. Two desert wells generated close to each other. The shaft of the well may extend several blocks down into the ground. Desert well generation is cappe… The Desert Well is a fairly rare structure found in Desert Biomes. (edit) Or it could even cure the New "Bad Omen". A Desert Well is a rare structure introduced in Java Edition 1.2.1, which can usually be found in remote Desert locations with no other structures nearby. Rarity Desert Well/Structure; Nether Fortress/Structure; Village/Structure/Blueprints The well structure found near a caved-in dungeon. Desert wells are built of sandstone blocks and slabs with a water source inside. JE: 1.2.1 snapshot 12w04aPE: 0.9.0 build 1 Desert wells are sandstone structures that generate in desert biomes. No loot is found in Desert Wells, and no Strongholds generate below Desert Wells, contrary to popular belief.

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