This living room features a couch, a gray area rug and a fireplace, along with wall lights. See more of this home here. See more of this home here. These colors would give more light in your room and make it look larger. The orange brings a glowing warmth the creams and off whites, giving a warm lit and cozy illuminated look. The incorporation of white color within the red wall tones down the overall look and feel. That is why we give you these tips on how to spice up the part of your home where you let your guests in (most of the time) and where you throw yourself in when you get home from work. Softly muted green wall paint is accented by lush green foliage, a natural jute rug, and eastern paintings for a look that is suggestively Asian. Best Living Room Colors and Color Combinations, 25 Colors Compared in the Same Living Room, Photo Gallery of Unique Living Room Color-Wise, The Best Living Colors Based on Popularity, 70 Single-Wall Kitchen Layout Ideas (Photos), a list of which colors 84 experts like for 2019, 25 of the Best Green Paint Color Options for Family Rooms, 25 of the Best Blue Paint Color Options for Family Rooms, 25 of the Best White Paint Color Options for Family Rooms, 25 Best Beige Paint Color Options for Family Rooms, Home Extension by Kevin Veenhuizen Architects, The Adobe Home (Explanation and Benefits), Classic and versatile neutral that looks fantastic when done in gradient shades or a monochromatic and uniform color schematic, Used for pops of punchy and cheery color. Use white paint for your walls and ceilings and allow browns and greys to accentuate the fixtures and other parts of your room like the stairs and house foundations. If your living room has had white or neutral colored walls for years, it might be time to add a little color to your walls. The use of the color white is carried over to the chairs on the right, which features a black print that contrasts well with the vivid orange hue. From the carpet to the chairs, to the cushions, and even the books, bright colors are a consistent theme. Not only do these colors supplement the calming effect of violet, but it also gives a clean and elegant feel to your living room. The black acts as an anchor and brings the multitude of bright colors together in a strong and quietly subtle fashion. This room has a darker black and off white backdrop for warmer colored furnishings. Look at the way the white brings out the vividness of the blue on the walls, and how that wall paint serves to enhance the blueness of the gorgeous china vases. Use light greys for the walls and the sofa. The key to pulling off a living room with orange walls is to employ restraint with the other color choices you make. With a touch of green to bring a bit of a lively tones. Use darker shades of violet or grey for the curtains or the furniture while use lighter shades of violet or grey for the walls and the ceiling. Colour scheme palette with shades of blue and cream. The Asian-themed vase upon the coffee table is an unexpected design touch that works nicely with the general look and feel of the room. Whether it is icy blue, powder blue, navy blue, or even true blue; this cool watery hue is a tried and true classic with true versatility.

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