What really seals it for me is the contrast that these blues play with the color of a car’s tail lights and trim. The six-speed manual is the best option, but the 10-speed auto is better than expected. Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster LP740-4. When I think Blues, after I think about Nas and Olu Dara, I think about Yas Marina, not the racetrack, the powder blue-ish paint on BMWs. It’s now available on a bunch of the company’s cars, and it might be the best blue in this bunch. It’s not by chance that a famous Countach as well as new, limited “heritage” examples, come in red. Some of the Autoweek Talks topics get the figurative treatment—others go more literal. I've said before, when a high-winged WR blue STI is in your rearview mirror, you get out of the way. The lower-trim models split the grille with a body color bumper. I have returned from a multi-day meditation period—where I consumed nothing but mint tea and contemplated the energy of the galaxy—until I finally was able to center my thoughts around a singular Opinion: blue is the best color for cars. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io. Before we proceed any further, here is some music to set the tone of things. But I digress. The complicated Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi was designed by Hermann Tilke. WR blue is close to royal, but with a metallic edge. And a cool orange-red shade can be spotted on the 2014 Aventador Roadster. Especially considering we drove this exact car in arctic temperatures. Ford Performance blue also looks great against a sandy, dusty backstop. The 2019 Camaro SS gets a bigger, blacker grille. And we have them all. Fast, expensive, covered in gold. And there are so many shades of blue to be had! It also has a habit of looking great in front of dark colors and not so great in front of light colors. Plug-in hybrids and new, fully-electric supercars: Lotus, BMW, Porsche, Rimac from Croatia, Nio EP9 from China, and more. The Best Car Colors for Resale Value: Blue, black, and red may be the most popular colors for first-time car buyers, but when it comes to maintaining value, these popular colors aren’t at the top of the list for maintaining value. Marketers say green examples are most popular among younger buyers. The report claimed that white is the safest color for a vehicle and black the most dangerous. The 10 Coolest Paint Colors in the Lamborghini Squad, From $60K to $4M: Top 35 exotic sports cars you can buy today, Electric sport sound on: Supercars with electric hearts and…, State-of-the-art armored cars: from Mercedes to Rolls-Royce and…. Want a more subdued look? About 20% of Lambo cars available for sale on JamesEdition are white. You want something flashier? It’s bright, and will catch the eye of everyone including police, but it’s not bright yellow or green or purple, which is almost exclusively reserved for supercars. US$2.5 million Lamborghini Reventon Coupe. For those who don’t have time to read the whole piece, here is the shortlist of the best Lamborghini colors: Yellow is not Lamborghini’s most popular color. Red. Better. That is why purple vehicles often are listed as blue. Car enthusiasts on forums such as Lambopower.com or Lamborghini-talk.com vote black the best color for Lambo cars. It’s no surprise that black is the second most popular Lamborghini color (with–disclosure–white leading the list). Dark navies, nearly black or purple, Mediterranean ceruleans to pale seafoams. Hello and happy new year. This kind of paint job can be ordered as part of the Ad Personam customization available for the Huracan and Aventador. We counted 12 blue shades that people searched for via Google. According to Google, they want to know what is the “best white paint for Lamborghini,” implying that not all whites are equally good for this car. Only 8% of all Lamborghini cars available on JamesEdition come in this hue. Metallic or flat, each are delightful. Rust Can Only Be Ceaselessly Fought, Never Beaten, Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace on iRacing, COVID-19, Steel Loves to Rust, but It's Pretty Amazing Stuff. This Opinion, like so many other opinions, is by no means Law. And the wheels! Autoweek may earn money from the links on this page. 5. Your data will be used in accordance with, Your data will be used in accordance with our. Blue can be dressed up or down. Red looks great on a Lambo–classy and beautiful. In 2007, the Monash University Accident Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia released a report on car accident rates by car color. Given fans’ exceptional interest, we decided to research further and have compiled a list of the top 10 Lamborghini paint colors. Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker. Orange is not one of the top Lamborghini colors, but such body painting no doubt turns heads. You can’t go wrong with a red supercar. Frozen Blue is an apt description of the new color for the Porsche Taycan 4Saycan. The Chevy Camaro SS comes with a 455-hp, 455 lb-ft 6.2-liter V8. The 35 best exotic cars: from supercars to affordable sports coupes under $100,000. In fact, when I visualize any sporty Subaru in my head, it comes in WR blue. All right, first things first. Blue seems to be the most sought-after color among Lamborghini fans. The latest top 4 luxury armored vehicles based on an extended Mercedes G-Wagon, Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Aston Martin DB11. “What is the best paint color for a Lamborghini?” “What are Lamborghini’s signature colors?” “Best selling colors,” “best white paints,” “best colors for Huracan, Aventador, Urus and Gallardo,” “custom, matte, cool, gorgeous.” Lamborghini fans can be very creative when Googling for different Lamborghini colors. Remember When Ziebart Invented Rustproofing? No one is supposed to walk away from this piece feeling as though my Opinion was forced upon them. You tell me. But! Red made it back in to the top five in 2018, knocking silver into sixth, and it maintains that position in 2019. But no one can say they look less than gorgeous. Some may say that red is the sole province of a certain other Italian supercar brand, but we politely disagree. Today, we have only two cars painted in elegant purple in stock: the 2019 Lamborghini SVJ and the 2020 Aventador (below). For some reason standard WRX buyers don’t like it as much. That’s why they are so pleasing together. This will be one of the latter. Best Lamborghini paint colors: blue. We don’t just love the color because we love the car—though we do—we love it because it’s both exotic and not exotic. To suit all tastes, we have picked up a few Lambo cars of varying white options, including one with custom body paint by Versace atelier. When I see the color, I think of Colin McRae’s rally car with a yellow “555” splattered across the side. BMW, Estoril Blue. The track is accented in this light blue color. Overall, blue is the 5th popular Lambo color on our website with approximately 10% blue supercars in stock. If the car is a light blue, the analogous colors are dark blue and aqua, either one of which will look good with the car. While yellow is definitely one of the best colors for the 2019 Aventador SJV, Huracan Spyder or classic Diablo VT (below), it has to be said, we absolutely don’t care for it on the Urus. But if you want a good feeling for all people... British Racing Green is the best. Here they are: azure, electric and midnight blue, baby and aqua blue, metallic, deep, glossy and sky blue, teal, navy, and mobile blue. Color types range from solid colors, to metallics, pearlescents, transparent candy colors to color changing chameleon colors. White seems to be the most popular color among Lamborghini buyers. But it’s unquestionably stunning, striking, and suits the edgy Lamborghini design. Their colors are, however, pretty far from classic blue shades and certainly will stand out on the road. We offer a well rounded selection of each type. Elkhart Lake blue, another paint color named after a racetrack—it’s the where Road America is located—makes the Camaro and C8 Corvette look unlike anything else. All of the cars owned by Jalopnik staffers in New York City happen to be blue. Blue car paint colors are one of the most popular color categories for both factory finishes and custom paint refinishing. I’m not sure. This color is also metallic, but darker and maybe a little more menacing than WR blue. Yet, it is my wish that you will see things my way at the conclusion of hearing out my Opinion. The newest edition to the blues is Honda’s Boost blue on the new Civic Type R that debuted at the Chicago Auto Show. Image: Shutterstock. There are inky blues that can do just that. World Rally blue from Subaru is found on almost 50 percent of WRX STIs in Japan. One car is the Centenario (grey with orange rims) with a record price tag of US$4 million, and the other is the rare US$2.5 million Reventon Coupe (matte grey). It’s close to Columbia blue, which I know from my time in the screen-printing industry. Lamborghini designers choose only unnaturally bright green tones that sometimes make vehicles look like Need for Speed car models. Give that sucker a metallic coat of lighter blue. Ford Performance Blue looks good under or over white. Blue gemstones. From the front, the white of the headlights and the black of the grille contrast so nicely with the body paint. And then I think about my ’63 Pontiac Star Chief’s engine block—now that I think about it, those blues are very close. But supercar owners don’t just stop at white. Lambo is one of those car brands that really kill it with body painting. We love blue skies. The Type R has new two-piece brake rotors, while suspension revisions include updated dampers for improved ride comfort, stiffer rear bushings for better grip and revisions to the front suspension and steering for better steering feel. It looks cool but still blends in, and it looks great under white or gray stripes. You can put any color wheels on a blue car. Exclusive luxury insights, delivered weekly. NASCAR Stars and the Streets Named after Them. We can confirm that one of the most expensive Lamborghinis currently on the market is painted in blue. If you want a good color for all people, then I guess blue is best. It was a toss-up between this and Audi’s Nogaro Blue, but the BMW hue got the nod because we remembered the E36 M3, perhaps the best exponent of the Estoril Blue art. Overall, red made up 9.8% of registrations last year. From dark royal to Yas Marina, there are some gorgeous blue hues available today. See, blue by itself is a lovely color. In fact, when I visualize any sporty Subaru in my head, it comes in WR blue. Blue reminds us of water, which we are biologically and emotionally drawn to. For some, a golden Lamborghini is a questionable choice; for others, it’s a distillation of luxury. We had a long-term BMW M3 here at Autoweek a few years ago in this exact color. Another outstanding blue model is a rare, brand new Urus Mansory. Blue has made a serious resurgence in recent years, and made up 16.7% of registrations last year. Autoweek participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Purple Lamborghinis are rare finds. Blue seems to be the most sought-after color among Lamborghini fans. 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder. The world’s most expensive Lamborghini cars sport grey body paint. From the back, either red- or amber-colored tail lights are a dream. The color looks great on high-performance models such as the Murcielago LP640 (below) or Huracan Evo. When it’s time to upgrade your vehicle and get a brand new one, there’s one pesky little thing that you need to do first. If you want a good color for all people, then I guess blue is best. Blue jeans. Obviously, however, blue can mean anything from a dark navy hue right up to shades that are as bright as the sky.

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