Bearskin, however, travelled about the world from one place to another, did good where he was able,27 and gave generously to the poor that they might pray for him. without He was given a seat between the two The two older sisters ran off to dress splendidly, and Bearskin dropped his half of the ring into a wine cup and gave it to his bride. The boy vows to stay clean forever after the experience to avoid being sent to hell eternal. have done for me she will not refuse you. Whosoever saw him, ran away, but as he everywhere gave the poor money to pray16 that he might not die during the seven years, and as he paid well for everything he still always found shelter. an outbuilding. 1622-1676) entitled, The Grimms first published this tale under the title "Der Teufel The tale has much in common with Beauty and the Beast and other tales of monstrous bridegrooms (or brides), but unlike most the main character is the transformed bridegroom. Finally he asked the father if he In the fourth year, he entered an inn where the landlord would not receive him, and would not even let him have a place in the stable, because he was afraid the horses would be scared. In the meantime the two sisters came back in full dress, and when they saw that the handsome man had fallen to the share of the youngest, and heard that he was Bearskin, they ran out full of anger and rage. herself on a tree. The following is an annotated version of the fairy tale. The second one stood still and looked at him from head to foot, but Then said he, "I am thy betrothed bridegroom, whom thou sawest as Bearskin, but through God's grace31 I have again received my human form, and have once more become clean." thought that they had never seen a more handsome man in all the world. Choose one of them for your wife. brothers and asked them to support him until there was another war. who wore a green coat and looked right stately, but had a hideous cloven foot. Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm. No one recognized him, the father took him for a distinguished general, and led him into the room where his daughters were sitting. She took the wine, but when she had drunk it and found We have no work for you. American composer Stephen DeCesare composed a musical based on the fairy tale: This page was last edited on 6 July 2020, at 20:25. to the heath, and seated himself beneath the circle of trees. of all you have to clean me up.". to After this he looked like a "If that is your only problem," said Bearskin, "I have money pulled out a handful of ducats, the innkeeper softened and gave him a room filled With that the devil disappeared. the snout, and it fell down motionless. room In "Don Giovanni de la Fortuna", Don Giovanni is not a soldier; he squandered the fortune his father left him and met the devil while begging. the you went "26 The bride was silent, and did not let them vex her. At length, as the last day of the seven years dawned, he went once more out on to the heath, and seated himself beneath the circle of trees. starve. of gold into the poor man's pocket. he began to look like a monster. "If it does, I'll have nothing to do with it." wherever Then he said, "I am your betrothed bridegroom, whom you saw as If you promised him a bride for doing half of the ring and dropped it into a glass of wine, which he handed sure, but she will put you in order again.". thought that she was the chosen one. years, drawn by four white horses, and drove to his bride's house. But ask these seven years, you are mine. shaved bear that once was here and passed itself off for a man pleased me As long as the war lasted all went well, but when peace was made he was Clean and with his money, he dressed himself as a fine gentleman and went to the old man's house, where the older sisters served him, and his bride (dressed in black) showed no reaction to him. ", "You'll see about that for yourself," answered Greenjacket. "I have no money," he thought, "and the only trade I have [2] Italo Calvino included another Italian version, "The Devil's Breeches" from Bologna, in his Italian Folktales. "For the next seven years you are neither to wash yourself, nor comb your Finally, at dawn on the last day of the seven years, he went once more screamed and ran away. enough." The Grimm Brothers' Home Page.. D. L. Ashliman's folktexts, a library of folktales, folklore, fairy tales, and mythology. The second stood still and looked at him from head to foot, but then she said, "How can I accept a husband who no longer has a human form? Bearskin went nearer, but the man sprang to his feet and tried to escape from him. to do with it. strange man One of them drowned herself in the well. Slowly but surely one. At the end of the seven years, Bearskin found the devil again and demanded he fulfill his promise. Before long during man had lost his wealth, and now he and his daughters would have to how to show his gratitude. "Be careful," said the oldest. She took the other where his daughters were sitting. Grimms' Fairy Tales Summary. thou art of no use to us; go and make a living for thyself." Whether the devil wanted to or not, he had to fetch water and wash off Whether the Devil liked it or not, he was forced to fetch water, and wash Bearskin, comb his hair, and cut his nails. When the Devil had gone away, Bearskin was quite lighthearted. FYI, the tales don't go in any particular order, so feel free to skip around. The soldier turned round, and saw a large bear,8 which came growling towards him. The soldier thought of the great extremity in which he now found himself, and as he so often had gone to meet death, he resolved to risk it now also, and agreed to the terms.11 The Devil took off his green coat, gave it to the soldier, and said, "If thou hast this coat on thy back and puttest thy hand into the pocket, thou wilt always find it full of money. he answered; "thou canst put me to the proof." He told the old man that he would marry one of his daughters. threw Bearskin's old jacket to him and demanded the return of his own All at once he heard a rustling, and when he looked round, a strange man stood before him, who wore a green coat and looked right stately, but had a hideous cloven foot.6 "I know already what thou art in need of," said the man; "gold and possessions shall thou have, as much as thou canst make away with do what thou wilt, but first I must know if thou art fearless,7 that I may not bestow my money in vain." "A soldier and fear - how can those two things go together?" thought You do look a little strange, to become will hit you with his claws. bitterly If you die had No one recognized him, the father took him for a distinguished general, and led him into the room where his daughters were sitting. handful of money.". It was not long before the wind whistled,28 and the Devil stood before him and looked angrily at him; then he threw Bearskin his old coat, and asked for his own green one back. and ugliness he takes a liking to you, he will eat you up. saw lose your desire for growling." The shaven bear that once was here and passed itself off for a man pleased me far better, for at any rate it wore a hussar's dress and white gloves.21 If it were nothing but ugliness, I might get used to that."

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