Claire May 23 2018 6:43 am nigel22 Jul 12 2018 11:40 am Cried like a b*tch watching episode 8. hell, we know jaejoo better than her. This may be the less popular opinion but I actually think Sungkyung and Sangyoon look good together. 10 min. I truly I'm crazy for this drama and the lead characters are loving, fun, cute, funny and good at what they are doing. She then found out that every time she sees him or be near him, her clock stops. Goods points of the drama are too much is happening too fast in this drama and you can't let anything sink in like that. (Source: Viki) Edit Translation, A man and a woman have different abilities when it comes to time. I m waiting to watch this drama, lee sung unni unni love you lottt fighting ?????? I just felt that there were some issues that were created unnecessarily when they could have filled it in with something else. Yang se jong please, bn Dec 28 2017 1:52 pm Sal Jul 10 2018 9:50 pm it's looks like lee seo won and han seung yeon reunited.

During this time I look forward to Lee Sang Yoon playing fantasy genre drama and romance. Her daughter had left home to die alone.[1]=191808; However, the more you watch it, the more sad and depressive the episodes get. I do not recommend this drama. ancitipated how this drama will go. She was just leaving an older woman friend she was visiting in the hospital when she was knocked down by a car. ? ????? I love Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung they're so nice from the start until the end, they're so fantastic.

Luna Jul 08 2018 11:16 am Omg MyDay here! So, what i can say is, the first 8 episodes was hilarious, fun, and i enjoyed it. OKAY what is happening Rich Witch can not deal with reality. Steffanie Mar 20 2019 1:32 pm Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Gift Jun 01 2018 12:27 pm They got a lot of great actors/actresses, so it's a shame the drama wasn't better, at least in my opinion. Great job Guys.

Fighting! Lots of ??? The script was well written, the direction was great and the casts made a decent performance in their respective roles. Gabriella Jan 10 2018 5:16 am

When Michaela meets Lee Do Ha, the chief director of a cultural foundation, she realizes that her time clock stops when she is near him.

JAC Jun 26 2018 8:03 pm

I can feel that it's going to be a tough ending to handle. And she can’t fall in love with Do Ha. Plot is somewhat cliche but dont worry, the chemistry is so greattt ❤️ About Time Fighting! Ghad they started it with clock thingy but ended up with ugh kdramalover Jul 11 2018 6:30 pm LSY-LSK chemistry is heartwarming to watch, it can get viewers really excited as well. It was traumatic when she had to tell Do Ha what she found out about the brother. Love❤ Nov 30 2017 2:11 am Guys its a trap, this one the falling in love already... Something really bad and nasty is about to happen.... Love the drama. please can't they come in a drama together.

First two eps, its so so for me. 8 fate has it that Mika saw Doha life span click on his neck. The lead actresa was surprisingly good at singing too. 1st episode and it triggered my kdrama sickness kyaaaaaaaa cant wait for more episodes. For whatever Mika character has that’s shortened her life we don’t know? But during the first opportunity that she got, she untied the band and saw that her time was increasing exponentially. Come on people, i dont want to type anymore.

i hope the story goes well also. Question the leading actress can sing, so is she doing the actual songs in the drama. Very heartbreaking indeed. Leena 1586 May 23 2018 11:28 am But that's not even important here, simply because they're both great actors and the plot sounds amazing so I'm excited to see what it'll be like. Array(); ESP.

Dramatic but realistic. Cris May 22 2018 10:39 am Michaela Choi is an aspiring musical actress who has the unusual ability to see other people’s life spans and knows that her own time is limited. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. He took stock of MiKa’s begging him to be near him so he hired her to be his personal driver. But Mr. Darcy reluctantly finds himself falling in love with a woman beneath his class.

JAC Jun 17 2018 5:32 pm Anybody know what brand or where that dress that Im Se-mi wore on ep. Do Ha was a bit nervous about the whole thing as panic attack and extreme sport do not really go together. But this story tells us that no matter how long or short your life is, you still deserved to be loved and be loved. 'little gestures show how much we love each other' was actually something that was mentioned on one of the radio channels in the show and i'd hope the show would show the little gestures. I scored a 8/10 because I did watch this twice. :). Do Ha actually has an unofficial girlfriend/fiancee but he was now beginning to waver towards Mika. 9 years gap is still acceptable for me though...In terms of actors/actress, I don't particularly look for appearance only. I cant stop smiling while watched it ? She wants him to love her! Su Bong was pushed to the very brink, she asked him what about her, she can’t live without him. One thing I like about it is that the actors are not trying to look so cute and they act naturally which is really great. Honestly speaking....Le Do-Ha's character would have suited a much younger actor better but Lee Sang Yoon gives a feel to the character that makes him more realistic....That being said, the drama is good with an amazing plot..The acting is not up to the level I expected but I certainly gave feels to the show.... Fighting About Time team. If you try to deep thought of it, she is the first, she was the one who has the right to complain about, she has the right to do whatever that she wanted to do, because if you try to fill yourself on her shoes will you just give up if you know in the first place that he was yours at first? but after doha's brother died, the story and plot dragged too much to the point that many of us didn't have the strength to watch this anymore. Apparently this story centers around Michaela Choi, a musical actress, who possesses a supernatural ability to see how long a person can live.

I will faithfully wait for this drama to air and I will always watch this drama !! It cannot be changed but doing suicide can. Français, Japonais, Chinois(Traditionnel) and 39 more. But I'm falling in love with the musical song ((': especially the song that touch Doha heart. Awww ((': Amie May 24 2018 6:02 am Mi ka characters is so selfish but act like innocent. Give him a chance! Feb 29 2020 11:46 pm

Daylight May 30 2018 2:06 am Cant wait. Directed by Richard Curtis. I couldn't bear the thought of a sad ending because through out the drama, there are sad parts that i cried to. Annie Jun 03 2018 12:31 am Anne Jun 13 2018 5:21 pm I also love the smile of Im Se-Mi. that someone get him to you? Unnecessarily through to many hoops. He was also upset with MiKa for having no pride and allowing the ‘fiancee’ to ‘belittle’ her. But after that I just felt boring. As for Mika the old said your grandmother sent you a gift! I'm really looking forward for this drama!! First few minutes of the first episode showed Michaela or MiKa being involved in a motorway pile-up. It was the traditional ‘meeting of the elders’. Even though there is an age gap between the characters (not only the main leads) which is not bad, the drama is still worth seeing. Please accept it Lee Sung kyung and make Park Seo Joon the male lead! Idk what the chemistry will be like, but he usually pulls it off w/ his female counterparts and she's very charming for her age so it won't be bad! xyz Jul 06 2018 12:16 pm the connection was there, she even made him falter on their first meeting after 5 years - as proven by mika's life clock - and obviously still had feelings for him. alex tommy May 23 2018 9:10 am Cant wait for the drama ♥️. Inscrivez-vous pour profiter des émissions de télévision et des films asiatiques, et continuez où vous étiez. 2. The lifespan thing would be better if the production team place it in the same place for every human (maybe on the top of their head or so). OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG !!!! The best song in this drama is "Time" by Gaho. May 15 2018 6:39 am

A man and a woman have different abilities when it comes to time. Just watched the first 2 episodes and I admit that it does really feel like a typical K-Drama, definitely a bit unexpected from tVn, but I won't say that it's terrible! Costume doesn’t match the actress career. She spied Do Ha, who was looking for her as she mistakenly took his car keys. This drama was a little disappointing. What a waste of good actors/actresses. I know its impossible but i really love lee jong suk with unni can't he take the lead role and lee sung kyung the lead actress????

MC_Ruiz Mar 02 2018 4:59 am Great storyline. Mika found out that her digital tattooed clock does not only cease to tick when she’s near Do Ha, when she touches him, she actually gain time.

Really really love this series. milla Jun 11 2018 7:52 pm I could feel the love from Mi Ka to Do Ha in the drama but I can't feel anything from Do Ha. He even really smart, his background education is Physics in prestigious Seoul National University, that makes him look so sexy.. peperonim Feb 26 2018 11:06 am She meets a man who can stop her time and he falls in love with her. It's worth watching! This episode was an hour of utter nonsense. MiKa said that she was ok with the kissing, the hugging and sleeping together but when it really came down to it, she went shy. the one where everyone was so touched, even Lee Do Ha. We couldn't even feel the love sparks between the leads. Despite their age far adrift. and Mr. Sunshine has 21 years..... so yeah. They both survived a near-fatal accident. Good luck to all the drama team and the actors and actresses. i think it's one of my fave songs in kdramas of 2018 so far <3 so beautiful !! It has its fair share of humor thus making it more fun to watch. Michaela Choi (Lee Sung Kyung) is an aspiring musical actress who has the unusual ability to see other people’s life spans and knows that her own time is limited.

Also Seungyeon as an actress, I don't really buy her acting - she's weak. I am in for this drama. Lee Sung Kyung really pretty in here and she can show her singing talent also. !every episode gives u xcitement and more n more thrilling! Why not stay with him for at least 6 months to a year and give him the time of his life and in so doing MiKa can enjoy herself as well. Brats always need what they can not have somebody to Love? View production, box office, & company info. Neatpick Apr 24 2018 10:20 pm Fighting! 1. She nailed her character and more than the leads, her character's the most justified one. Checking some comments and theories by viewers. I got frustrated with mika’s character because she looks more like the typical weak female lead character after every episode. I approve of you Lee Sang Yoon! Looking forward to this drama. Drama: About Time; Country: South Korea ; Episodes: 16; Aired: May 21, 2018 - Jul 10, 2018; Aired On: Monday, Tuesday; Original Network: tvN; Duration: 1 hr. euros Jun 09 2018 8:07 am there was even noble idiocy which was predictable. A Chicago librarian has a gene that causes him to involuntarily time travel, creating complications in his marriage.

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